Most Popular Smart Widgets for Your Website!

Add some flare to your website! In addition to being responsive, your website can include auto-generated content. Widgets are a great way to promote your group, highlight events and help students learn more about your organization by optimizing your site’s navigation.

We’ve made a list of some of the most popular widgets schools are using:

  • Officer list: Picture, bio, contact info.

  • Upcoming Events: Once created, events will be displayed on the campus-wide calendar, the homepage slider, call to action widgets, and your website if you wish!

  • Newsletter and Blog Feed: Generates display of the latest news from your blog and newsletters.

  • Quick Facts: At-a-glance snapshot of your group’s activities.

  • Files: Draw attention to important files you’d like to communicate with your club.

  • Surveys & Forms: Boost student engagement with interactive content.

  • Latest photos: Thumbnails, slideshow, albums.

All widgets can be set up in your website in no time, and you can add specific access privacy rules to your contents: open to everyone, school members only, group members only.

Discover more widgets in your website settings. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you would like more information.

6 Things to Do on Your CampusGroups Android and iPhone App

Bring your campus with you on the go.

CampusGroups allows you to access your entire campus with your preferred mobile device:  iPhone, iPad or Android.

Here are 6 things you can do on the go, whenever you choose:

Feed - Check quickly what’s going on today. Instantly post news and photos. Share your opinion. Ask questions. Start new discussions.

Directory - Browse your contacts. Find people in your campus network and communicate directly.

Groups - Access groups and find officers when you need to reach one.

Events - Check out upcoming events. RSVP on the spot, conveniently retrieve tickets and receive confirmation.

Access your Profile - Connect your CampusGroups account to social networks. Download your resume from LinkedIn. Check your tickets, payments and profile settings.

Notifications - Send & receive the latest group news and updates. Inform members of important changes (e.g., event location moved).

CampusGroups iPhone and Android apps make it easy to access what you need, whenever you need it. You won’t miss anything.

Best Ways to Keep Up to Date on CampusGroups

One of the main goals of CampusGroups is for students to keep up to date about activities on campus. To make this objective a reality, we made the Home page of CampusGroups a News Feed dedicated to your campus.

Students can post, share photos and links, and add comments and likes to other students’ posts. In addition, student leaders can also talk about their events, share photos and blog posts.

This summer we introduced automated posts. This feature writes feed posts automatically based on a group’s activities:  newly appointed officers, newly created events, highly attended events, new members in a group, new blog posts, etc. This news will appear on the School Feed, on the Group Feed, and the Group Web Site. This is a great way to keep your members up to date with your group activities and also to keep your web site up to date at all times.

Finally, one of the most important aspects about keeping your news Feed up to date is that we have the same content posted on our iPhone and Android apps. Your members stay informed with the latest news on the go!