Multi-day Event Packages and Dedicated Event Mobile Apps

Multiple Events Grouped into a Single Multi-day Event

A number of high profile multi-day events happen on campus every year such as orientations, conferences, competitions and graduation. To help organize large-scale events, we have created the Event Packages feature. This feature allows groups to create multiple events grouped into a single multi-day event.

On the web and mobile apps, the package appears as a single event. Upon opening, the event includes an agenda (listing sub-events such as panels or sessions), a list of speakers, sponsors and maps.

Dedicated Mobile Apps for Events 

Additionally, we are now offering our campuses the ability to create dedicated mobile apps for one or more events. The app can be re-used multiple times for several events at no extra cost. This includes all the above Events Package features, plus:

  • Branded downloadable apps from the Apple and Google Play Stores
  • App directory listing only the people registered to the event
  • The ability to customize the Home screen with the desired menus

For more information on multi-day event packages and dedicated event mobile apps, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a demo.

Mobile Apps Updates: Chat, Photo Uploads, Offline Attendance Tracking and More

This month, we brought small and large improvements to our mobile apps including updated Chat, UI/Branding, Photo Uploads, Event Listings, and offline Attendance Tracking.

Track attendance offline

Offline swipes can now be recorded on your iPhone and are available for you to copy and send to CampusGroups once you are back online. This was a highly requested feature, and we are excited to introduce this new capability!

  • Click on Menu and then click on Events.
  • Click on the Event for which you wish to track attendance.
  • Click on the "more" button on the top right of the event details page.
  • Click on Track Attendance.
  • Click on the top right "more" button.
  • Then click on Offline Swiping.  This will display all the card numbers that you swiped.

If you need to copy the numbers and to import them into CampusGroups, you can access on the web. Click on 'Copy to Clipboard'. Paste your numbers into an email from your mobile phone.

This feature is currently available on iPhone devices. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Simplified Event Approval

Supervise event creation

As a Campus Administrator coordinating events, CampusGroups helps keep you up to date and well-informed of events that are being created, including all the details needed in order to approve new events.

Integrated Events and Forms

To offer an even more seamless event submission and approval process, we integrated our Events and Forms module so that the event approval form that you have created can now be displayed directly inside the event creation form.

This allows students to enter and edit all their event information from one single page.

Get notified by email every time a new event is created

When an officer creates an event, you are set up to receive an email notification to let you know details about the event and allow you to approve it. CampusGroups now allows you to choose to enable events to be automatically approved, and you simply receive a notification email to stay informed.

This helps administrators to always know what's going on on campus and supervise event creation without requiring direct event approval.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.