Hiring Junior Developer - New York, NY

Position: Junior Developer
Location: New York City, NY

Company Description
Novalsys is a fast-growing company providing SaaS solution to Universities. Our headquarters are located in the heart of the Flatiron District in NYC, and we have a worldwide customer base. Our main product is a group management platform called CampusGroups.  

Job Description:

Due to strong expansion, CampusGroups is currently hiring a Junior Developer in New York, NY. This is a key role in our company. We need excellent people to assist in the development and maintenance of our platform, and also help support our users as we enhance our product.

Daily work will involve working under a mentor to learn about the platform, diagnose and resolve client issues ranging from simple to complex, monitor and assist in the improvement of the platform features based on requirements provided by a project manager.

The ideal candidate will have prior experience in programming, data management, issue troubleshooting and user support. You will often liaise directly with customers via a number of different tools, log issues, monitor their progress and follow-up. This role is an excellent opportunity for a Junior Developer to gain full exposure to the CampusGroups platform from both the developer and end user perspectives, and to have a direct impact on the company’s success.

The role is also intended to help the Junior Developer evolve and graduate to a Senior Developer role as and when appropriate. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with a mentor to improve the platform and address campus requests
  • Develop new functionalities & permanent solutions to tackle customization requests and issues
  • Configure and implement new campus platforms
  • Maintain existing applications using ASP.NET and Visual Basic
  • Diagnose and provide resolution to complex problems
  • Maintain database and upload client data
  • Enter and update tickets in our project management system
  • Inform customers when requests have been completed
  • Meet with users, train them remotely, or on-campus
  • Help provide how-to instructions for client queries & update our Support Center website with tutorials
  • Actively participate in the hiring process 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT or a related field.
  • Must be proficient in HTML/CSS, Javascript, SQL, Ajax, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office Suite (particularly Excel)
  • Must have a positive, pleasant attitude and be able to work in a professional environment
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to handle stressful situations appropriately
  • Ability to reuse existing coding guidelines when creating new features
  • Relevant work experience in a user-facing support role or help desk environment preferred
  • Strong documentation & communication skill 

Personality Traits:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, genuinely happy to help others
  • Self-starter: you are capable of working without any regular instructions
  • Self-learner: you constantly try to improve yourself, you learn from your mistakes and strive to become excellent at what you do
  • Pro-active: you initiate meetings and discussions, you raise concerns quickly and propose solutions
  • You are highly detail-oriented and hands-on

Advantages of Working with CampusGroups: 

  • Informal environment with easy access to everyone in the company globally
  • Opportunity to learn a lot and work closely alongside experts in their fields
  • Flexible work hours and locations 
  • Team Outings & Events
  • We are a fast growing company, so we promote our best elements very quickly
  • You will be involved in strategic business decisions and your work will have a direct impact on the company's success

Employee Benefits:

  • Paid Time Off
  • Medical & Disability Insurance
  • Employee Referral Program 

If you think you are the right person for the job, please send your resume and link to GitHub profile, if applicable, to jobs (at) campusgroups.com.  Qualified candidates will be contacted within 48 hours.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

4 Ways Students Make the Most Out of the Survey Module

When it comes to decision-making, group leaders are utilizing surveys to collect information from campus communities. CampusGroups’ survey tools are a cost-effective way to collect information that can be used in meaningful ways. Let’s take a look at three ways students are using this handy tool.

They’re asking for feedback after an event.

How well-received was our annual Marketing Summit? How was the catering? Were the discussion topics interesting? How might we improve our next event?

After an event, students often want to know how it went. In the Event module, group leaders can configure their event to send an automated survey to all the students who attended. They create a custom survey in the Survey module and attach it to their event under the “feedback request” section. The feedback received helps them better plan future events.

They’re electing new officers.

Every year, new officers are elected, but before that can happen, elections need to be organized. The Survey module allows groups to list leadership positions and a list of candidates for each position, each with an accompanying description and video link. The results of the election are visible by student leaders, or even a restricted subset of group leaders.

Important rules can also be set for an election: students can vote only once, anonymous voting prevented or enforced, editing a vote allowed or prevented. It’s all up to them!

They’re collecting mandatory information with distributed forms.

When students create a survey, they can turn it into an actual form (similar to a PDF form layout). It’s a great way for group leaders to invite students to fill out information about themselves. This is especially useful when organizing a trip or at an event where information or documents needs to be collected from students. As a form, group leaders can also request that students upload files such as an ID or constitution.

Gain greater insight into the opinions of your own group.

Collect and analyze results through one central system. See displayed results and review submitted answers in the “manage” area and communicate with each person who submitted responses, all from within CampusGroups.

Creating a CampusGroups survey is fun, simple and useful. Try it out!

Setting Up the Budgeting Tool on CampusGroups in a Few Steps

Budgeting is a process that many undergraduate and graduate schools have in place. CampusGroups has built a dedicated module to facilitate the entire budgeting process and allows multiple students and administrators to collaborate on a centralized system.

Two Main Aspects of Budgeting:

  1. Set up a budget for the entire year, including all of the events you’re planning, all items that student leaders think they need for the year (adding details such as food, drink, marketing materials) and the amount of money they are requesting from the school. Note: students don’t have to request the entire amount of fundings from the school. Once you create a budget item for a given event, portions of the requested funds can be financed from other sources such as ticket revenues, membership fees, and sponsorship money received.
  2. Ongoing budget and expense process is supported as events are created during the year. Students purchase needed items through allocated funds to actual events on an open-ended basis. Whether students buy event supplies with their own money or ask the school to buy it for them, the school can record an expense entered against a budgeted item, and if necessary, reimburse the students who advanced money.

Create an Ongoing Budget:

  1. Create an event.

  2. Create your budget for that event.

  3. Enter different budget items that you’re going to need.

  4. After the event, students or administrators enter the real expenses incurred.

The beauty of having all this in one place is that you can access a profit and loss screen where you see all the revenues you receive, all the expenses, and a live balance. Student leaders can see their balance at any time, whenever they want.

CampusGroups provide reports which student leaders can download into Excel as well as feeds of data which can be connected to analytical systems such as Tableau.

What's New: QR Code Scanning

Easy email access to QR Codes

Now it’s even easier for students (and non-students) to access their event tickets and the associated QR codes.  Your event’s QR code will be included in both the event registration confirmation email as well as the event reminder email sent out prior to the event.  Your guests won’t need to hunt for QR codes or student IDs.  Simply open the email to scan!

Another benefit to being able to access QR codes by email is that it’s open to everyone.  This is important when your event is open to everybody, and your non-university guests will be able to receive the emails with the QR code.  They will be able to scan in easily, and your attendance records will include non-students who attend your event!

Read more about the highly useful benefits of attendance-tracking - click here!