Join the Club: How Groups Transform Your Campus Experience


Tailor your campus experience.

Get involved:  Clubs and organizations on campus provide invaluable opportunities for learning, networking and developing business skills. These groups open doors for future business partnerships, leadership and professional development. Initiating and participating in events allows students to experience a more robust academic and social experience that will follow them into their post-academic careers.

Get active:  What are student groups doing on your campus?

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Roundtables
  • Consulting engagements
  • Fundraisers
  • Tournaments
  • Trips
  • Social events & formals
  • Guest VIP speakers
  • Discussion panels & tons more!

Groups exploration made easy.  

CampusGroups’ enhanced, accessible design facilitates quick access to your groups and positions with useful information at first glance. Students are now one click away from activities empowered by a wide range of groups including not only student clubs, but also career departments, admissions and alumni.

You can explore and search for specific groups by name, group type and categories. Easily join one or several groups at once or contact group officers directly. Gaining access and engaging in new group activities has never been easier!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a walkthrough demo.

How to Ease the Organization of a Campus Election

A new school year means new officers are being elected for campus organizations, clubs and student government. Before that can happen, though, elections need to be organized. Daunting task, right?

Not anymore. Administrators and Officers are saving time and dramatically increasing voter turnouts by setting up elections through CampusGroups. The Survey module offers a secure way to facilitate the election process. Everything’s already in your toolkit to maximize student awareness and involvement.

Create a Ballot

The Survey module allows groups to list leadership positions along with a list of candidates for each position, each with an accompanying description and video link. All candidate information is in one accessible location. You set the rules: require login, ensure each student only votes once, make answers mandatory, disable editing of submitted answers and more.

Announce & Promote

Share your election and instructions with CampusGroups’ built-in communication tools such as your school homepage, top-of-the-page announcement, group news feed, newsletters and blog. Ask your candidates to post photos and videos on the group feed. Set up the election as an event, and it will be visible in everyone’s calendar. Remind your members to vote on election day with a campus-wide alert notification.

Click & Vote

Students vote from anywhere, even on the go with the iPhone or Android app. Check submissions in real-time, view detailed results and download into Excel. Send a friendly email reminder that targets just the students who have not yet voted.


Be sure to congratulate your new campus leaders! You may want to let them know about these features available to them as officers.

Have you organized an election through CampusGroups?  We hope you’ll share your experience with us.  We love to hear from you!

Want to learn more? Check out this quick tutorial on using CampusGroups for your election.


Multi-day Event Packages and Dedicated Event Mobile Apps

Multiple Events Grouped into a Single Multi-day Event

A number of high profile multi-day events happen on campus every year such as orientations, conferences, competitions and graduation. To help organize large-scale events, we have created the Event Packages feature. This feature allows groups to create multiple events grouped into a single multi-day event.

On the web and mobile apps, the package appears as a single event. Upon opening, the event includes an agenda (listing sub-events such as panels or sessions), a list of speakers, sponsors and maps.

Launch Your Own Dedicated Event App 

Additionally, we are now offering our campuses the ability to create dedicated mobile apps for one or more events. The app can be re-used multiple times for several events at no extra cost. This includes all the above Events Package features, plus:

  • Branded downloadable apps from the Apple and Google Play Stores
  • Your logo and colors to help your event truly stand out in the app store so it's easy for attendees to find and adopt quickly
  • App directory listing only the people registered to the event
  • The ability to customize the Home screen with the desired menus
  • Fast set-up and dedicated support team
Customize the look, menus and features of your campus app with the committed assistance of our great mobile app support team.

Essential App Features

  • Program of Events:  Allow guests to browse all events and activities such as panels and sessions. See who has registered, quickly RSVP and retrieve tickets on the go.
  • Activity Feed:  Attendees can check quickly what’s going on today, instantly post news and photos, share opinions, ask questions and start new discussions.
  • Custom Lists:  Create categorized and searchable lists for any information such as FAQs, Locations, Resources, Speakers, Exhibitors, Sponsors -- anything you wish!
  • Attendee Directory:  Allow your event guests to browse other attendees and communicate directly with them.
  • Web Views:  Include any of your website pages directly into the app. Link to any external websites you would like.
  • Venue Maps:  Upload custom, detailed maps to display the buildings, floors and rooms at your event, for a convenient way for your guests to locate and orient themselves on the go.
  • Attendance-Tracking & Reports:  Scan attendee QR Codes from your guests' email confirmations or printed badges. Download attendance data and assess insightful reports to help measure ROI.
  • Push Notifications: Send instant mobile reminders to all or select attendees to share latest updates (e.g., event location moved).
  • Chat:  Facilitate relationship-building and networking opportunities at your event by connecting attendees with a robust messaging system to browse, find and strike up a conversation with each other anywhere, anytime.

Additional Advanced Features

  • Email Marketing:  Send beautiful emails & newsletters to event attendees.
  • Groups:  Create a directory of organizations. Allow attendees to manage, browse, join and interact with groups.
  • Surveys & Forms:  Build custom surveys and forms to collect the data you need. Ask for feedback before, during and after an event to gain valuable insights.
  • Blog:  Let student leaders post on their blog before, during and after the events. Allow attendees to read and comment on the latest posts.
  • Payments:  Allow groups to sell event tickets online. Collect money directly into preferred payment gateway.
  • Booking Time Slots:  Allow attendees access to one-on-one meetings with the ability to book available time slots online & on the app.
  • Stores:  Sell food, drinks & merchandise directly from the platform. Track sales & generate detailed reports on collected data.

For more information on multi-day event packages and dedicated event mobile apps, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a demo.


Your dedicated campus app starts at $99/month + setup. Pricing depends on the number of users and the advanced features you wish to activate (see list below). Please contact us to get started. Call us at (646) 797-3161.

Job Postings: Connect Students with Professional Opportunities

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.
— Chris Grosser

Advertise jobs on campus

Career Departments and student organizations can now advertise jobs among students and members. The feature allows group leaders to create jobs or to upload a job description in one click.

Students can then:

  • Browse available job postings.
  • Search jobs by any criteria.
  • Display the job details.
  • Click on the Apply button. 

The Apply button can be configured to lead to a specific recruiter page or to a job form in CampusGroups.

Simple job posting, search and application

Recruiters can be given access to CampusGroups and can create a dedicated group to post one or multiple jobs on the campus job board. Recruiters can also collect applications from students.  An email notification can be sent to the recruiter to alert them that a student applied for the posted job.

The job board feature in CampusGroups helps Career Departments and Student Organizations publicize their job opportunities straight on CampusGoups in a highly visible way.

For more information on CampusGroups' job board feature, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a demo.