What's New: QR Code Scanning
Attendance Tracking non-students who attend your event! Read more about the highly useful benefits of attendance-tracking - click here!
Card Swiping System available on CampusGroups
Tracking attendance at events (or for classes) is a key aspect of student involvement tracking. To
5 Different Ways to Track Attendance at Events!
Tracking attendance is a core feature CampusGroups offers to meet the unique identification and tracking needs of higher education institutions. Live attendance data is collected and uploaded to your Attendance Tracking to setup Transform your iPhone or Android device into a portable attendance tracking tool with the them into the event! Transform your iPhone, Android or tablet into a portable attendance tracking tool
Mobile Apps Updates: Chat, Photo Uploads, Offline Attendance Tracking and More
/Branding, Photo Uploads, Event Listings, and offline Attendance Tracking. Track attendance offline Mobile Apps Updates: Chat, Photo Uploads, Offline Attendance Tracking and More
Introducing our new Mobile Card Swiper!
  This is a major improvement. Tracking attendance at events and for classes is often done with
Mobile Apps: Powerful New Updates of our iPhone and Android Apps
Attendance Tracking Attendance Tracking Wallet and Payments Learn more about creating a dedicated mobile app for a multi-day
When Attendance is Critical: How to Prevent Cancellations & Promote RSVP Responsibility
Attendance Tracking to ensure increased attendance at your most important events. Tracking attendance of your events
Salute, Vino 2016! CampusGroups Launches Groupment Event App for Grand Italian Wine Week Conference
with the event registration, attendance-tracking and badges, as well as by providing them robust their respective badges. Attendance-Tracking & Reports Scanning QR codes on attendee badges gathered
Launch Your Own Campus-Branded Mobile App
to collect the data your need Event attendance-tracking: Scan QR Codes or swipe student IDs with a pulled from attendance tracking information to know at all times whether students are satisfying
Multi-day Event Packages and Dedicated Event Mobile Apps
a convenient way for your guests to locate and orient themselves on the go. Attendance-Tracking & Reports
Engagement Checklists: Create a List of Requirements
Attendance Tracking
Helpful Tools to Maximize Your School's Orientation Week
students in the orientation. Tracking attendance 2nd year students and administrators who are in
Tracking and Assessing Student Engagement
Attendance Tracking
Assessing Learning Outcomes & Student Engagement on CampusGroups
Attendance Tracking membership and student profiles. Track Involvement Tracking attendance is a core feature CampusGroups
Le Moyne College: Centralizing Crucial Tools to Track, Assess and Increase Student Engagement
identify the most and least active student organizations. 9. Collect feedback: Tracking attendance gives
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