What’s New: Online Document Editor
Word, PowerPoint and Excel files directly from within CampusGroups. The online document editor Seamlessly edit files online directly from the platform Creating and collaborating on documents is Files makes editing your files an easy experience. You no longer need to download, make changes and again
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Files . Files: Draw attention to important files you’d like to communicate with your club. Surveys & Forms
6 Things to Know About Files Management in CampusGroups!
Easily & effectively collaborate Keeping all your files in a centralized location improves are 6 quick things to know about managing your files in CampusGroups: 1. Upload Upload documents and display all or some of your documents. This is an easy way for your members to view and download files. 6 access to helpful documents from past officers. 3. Edit Once uploaded, Excel, PPT and Word files can 6 Things to Know About Files Management in CampusGroups! collaboration and simplifies officer transitions. Files can be uploaded, edited, and shared in many
Easily Deactivate & Reactivate Groups
, emails, files, surveys, etc. will be archived and made unavailable for administrators or student officers
Updates of the week (Feb 24th)
upload an attachment in an email from the "Files Already Uploaded" section, only the name of the file
Updates of the week
who were invited to an event but RSVP’d “yes”. Performance: We optimized the caching of static files
Friday October 26 Updates
. 6) Uploading files to forms when not logged on is now possible. 7) Quick fix in the Group Activity
Updates of the week (Jan 13th)
events (updates only occur once a day). Performance: we merged several JavaScript files into one. To
10 Things to Do as a Group Officer
Store and share documents and photos under the “Files” menu. More information: 10. Change your group's transactions (club dues collection, ticket sales, refunds) under the "Money" menu. 9. Manage your files
4 Ways Students Make the Most Out of the Survey Module
from students. As a form, group leaders can also request that students upload files such as an ID or
Time to update and manage your CG Profile: It's easy!
feed by clicking on the Privacy Button. My Tags Keep your Files in order using Tags. Each time you
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