What's New: Quick Report Downloads
Reports We have added a helpful button for you to quickly download reports in most of our search listings
What’s New: Track Students’ Mobile Logins
graph for mobile logins under the Reports & Trends section. Administrators can access specific Reports
Year-End Reports: Help Your Students Learn About Groups Before Registering
Year-End Reports: Help Your Students Learn About Groups Before Registering have been organized by the club. Interested in adding this feature for your students? Please contact us for more information on Year End Reports. Reports activity before registering. Year End Reports are now available for all groups. See how many members and
Engagement Checklists: Create a List of Requirements
Reports data collection and analysis, and generate insightful reports on student engagement. With CampusGroups
Tracking and Assessing Student Engagement
Reports . These features are used extensively by Compass staff to track and generate reports on student
Assessing Learning Outcomes & Student Engagement on CampusGroups
submit their hours. Download all data such as hours tracked and event attendance into Excel reports download reports into Excel or build RSS feeds of data. Filter your RSS feed to pull only the data in learning outcomes of the campus. Create Meaningful Reports Extensive attendance and involvement reflection) and download them all into a zip file in just 1 click! Easily create reports from aggregated Reports used to create reports.) Create custom evaluations for measuring ROI, program effectiveness, presenter
Additional Fields in Core API Feeds
. Please do not hesitate to request data feed and reports at any time by emailing us at support administrators to access the entire CampusGroups database and to create custom reports with custom filters campus. The data is your data, and we want to make sure you can access it via reports and feeds
What's New: Listings Update
). This is an efficient way to interact with students (e.g., send email, download reports, validate
What's New: Sell Items Online
will be able to pick up before an event. Track sales details and generate reports to identify
Optimizing your resources with CampusGroups
officer/member logins, events, emails, RSVP's as well as add graphs for year end reports on engagement of the year. Schools using CampusGroups, can take a more in depth look, by pulling detailed reports
5 Different Ways to Track Attendance at Events!
CampusGroups account. View, monitor, analyze and access reports on your data in real time, at any all set! Attendance reports and feeds Learn more about Campusgroups card-swiping system! We provide standard and custom reports which you can download at your convenience. You can also integrate our
Multi-day Event Packages and Dedicated Event Mobile Apps
attendance data and assess insightful reports to help measure ROI. Push Notifications: Send instant & merchandise directly from the platform. Track sales & generate detailed reports on collected data. For & Reports: Scan attendee QR Codes from your guests' email confirmations or printed badges. Download
Updates of the week (Mar 23rd)
to use it!) We also developed a new Score Card with 3 new statistic reports: "Group email
Create a Tutoring & Mentoring Program on Your Campus
tutors and mentors from within their own network! You will also be able to download reports once
Setting Up the Budgeting Tool on CampusGroups in a Few Steps
provide reports which student leaders can download into Excel as well as feeds of data which can be connected to analytical systems such as Tableau.
Salute, Vino 2016! CampusGroups Launches Groupment Event App for Grand Italian Wine Week Conference
their respective badges. Attendance-Tracking & Reports Scanning QR codes on attendee badges gathered
Launch Your Own Campus-Branded Mobile App
generate insightful reports on collected data. Budgeting: Access and collaboratively manage your
Le Moyne College: Centralizing Crucial Tools to Track, Assess and Increase Student Engagement
features, high-level strategic reports can be used to prove and illustrate the college's successful strategy.
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