Calendar Module on CampusGroups: 10 Key Benefits for Your Campus
swipe technology integrated within the Calendar module. Know who registers for an event and attends from groups creating an event. 9. Track student involvement and timesheet hours through event card
5 Different Ways to Track Attendance at Events!
'Check-In' icon. Next! 4. Card swiping with your phone Swipe student ID cards to check them into the Reader to swipe student ID cards. USB Magnetic Stripe (Swipe) Card Readers Easy to setup Transform . Card swiping on your computer Live attendance can also be tracked online using a simple USB Card
Mobile Apps Updates: Chat, Photo Uploads, Offline Attendance Tracking and More
display all the card numbers that you swiped. If you need to copy the numbers and to import them
Introducing our new Mobile Card Swiper!
Introducing our new Mobile Card Swiper!
Helpful Tools to Maximize Your School's Orientation Week
have a student ID, they can swipe their card in an iPhone, iPad or Android device at the door of the
Launch Your Own Campus-Branded Mobile App
Mobile Card Reader. Download attendance data and assess overall campus engagement. Websites: Build to collect the data your need Event attendance-tracking: Scan QR Codes or swipe student IDs with a
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