Mailing List Feature: Send Email to Targeted Members Straight from Your Personal Mailbox!
Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Email List? 4 Helpful Tips You Can Use Right Now.
Emails appreciate (and open) emails that are directly relevant to them. Log in now to get started on your your members connected Be consistent by sending emails to your list on a regular basis. Compose and emails members look forward to Engage your members. Since CampusGroups templates automatically
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Create a Weekly Email Digest of Events
5 Email Tracking Tools You Should Be Using
Emails powerful email tracking tools to help you gain a better understanding of how well your emails are being Are your members reading your emails? Group email is one of your most important tools as a club officer. Sending regular emails and newsletters helps keep your members connected, engaged and up to keep track of who is (and isn't) opening your emails and what your members are clicking (and not
School-wide User Tags Allow for Greater Classification and Targeting
Emails , you can send them targeted emails or open specific events to just those people. For more information
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What's New: QR Code Scanning
Emails emails with the QR code. They will be able to scan in easily, and your attendance records will include
What’s New: Custom Branded Email Notifications
capabilities of CampusGroups. Creating custom emails and notifications for your group helps to connect Emails emails sent from your account by using your own school-dedicated notification template. For example capabilities of CampusGroups. Creating custom emails and notifications for your group helps to connect with your members and cultivate brand visibility.
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10 Things to Do as a Group Officer
Emails ” menu. You can compose new emails using Mailing lists or Email templates and check Delivery status . Be sure to keep track of opens and clicks to see who is (and isn't) opening your emails and what you. 5. Communicate with your members Communicate easily with your members by clicking on the “Emails
Launch Your Own Campus-Branded Mobile App
Emails emails and newsletters to their members. Allow students to retrieve any email they receive from your
Easily Deactivate & Reactivate Groups
deactivated, all events, members, emails, files, surveys, etc. will be archived and made unavailable for , emails, files, surveys, etc. will be archived and made unavailable for administrators or student officers
Updates of the week
widgets. Emails: We improved the Live Email Delivery Status page and now allow you to see how many ". Emails: Email delivery is composed of 4 steps, we increased the speed of step 2 by a factor of 3. We : Emails: Great news! You can now choose the HTML editor you want to use to compose emails, edit Web pages emails were sent to our outgoing mail server live. Events: We now archive deleted events (just in now have to work on Step 3, remain potential bottle neck when emails are large or contain many RSVP
Your new main bar
catch up on all your activities (emails received, surveys answered, events you rsvp'd...). Bookmarks You , emails, people by clicking on the "Star" icon next to these elements. If the star is yellow, it means The search bar You can now access easily all the students, events, documents and emails of your
Mobile Web App - Preview on the Inbox module
Inbox module of the application allowing a logged user to access group emails. We will get you
New Manage Toolbar
usual group management features. Managing Members, sending Emails, creating and managing Events
iPhone App - November 30 Updates
has been added to search for groups, emails, events and people. - Groups: group type is now
Updates of the week (Feb 17th)
photos of the bottom menu. My inbox: The Emails display has changed. The blue background now untagged) from your account. Emails: In the "Check live email delivery status" page, we deleted
Improving our platform continuously
delayed more than 1 hour. However, because even 1% of the group emails represent a lot of individual better. Email delays: a lot of you complained about emails being delivered with delays (up to 10-15h emails, our goal is to tend to 0% email delays (delays exceeding 1h). Here is what we have done and sometimes). We analysed our emails delays and found that less than 2% of our group emails were
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