What's New: Listings Update
members) by combining different account types, year of graduation and other available filters. For more More Filters & Multi-selection Filtering Options Filtering students to target just the right people has become even more convenient! Fine tune your search by using multiple filters in order to create
What's New: More Flexibility to Categorize Users with School-wide Tagging
capability so that you can tag all students at school to filter and access them, campus-wide. Target just the right people on campus by filtering students with your tags while doing a search. You can
What's New: Quick Report Downloads
in the system. This is a fantastic way to easily filter your search results and then promptly
Additional Fields in Core API Feeds
administrators to access the entire CampusGroups database and to create custom reports with custom filters
What's New: Greater Search Capabilities
. Our goal was to provide nicer looking search results and to allow you to filter those even further
Updates of the week (Mar 23rd)
list of public events, additional data and filtering options (please contact our support if you need
Mobile Apps: Powerful New Updates of our iPhone and Android Apps
, Social Tab + Announcements List of Groups + Join groups + Group Feed List of Events + Filters Event
Friday February 8 Updates
dropdown to filter the elements by Tag. We improved the "Edit Tags" design. 5) People: You can now filter members to only display the members who signed or didn't sign the waiver. To improve the page " button now properly selects the photo currently displayed. 4) Tags: You can now filter events, emails
Calendar Module on CampusGroups: 10 Key Benefits for Your Campus
’ powerful filtering system: in one click, see only your group’s events, events based on a particular
Admissions: How can CampusGroups boost applications, accepts and retention?
matching criteria filters such as origin country, language, gender, etc. For more information on
Updates of the week
filter [CONTENT: BLOG_ FULL] by tags Blog: a selected list of officers can now receive notifications
Boosting Student Engagement with CampusGroups Involvement Badges!
certain badge. You can filter and download the list of students who unlocked a badge. This offers
Gather Information from New Group Members with a Sign-Up Survey
extension survey! Filter members based on their answers to the survey questions. (For example, you might
CampusGroups Integrates with Key Partners: SSO, LMS, CRM, Payments, Calendars, Recruiting & More
administrators and students to search for and reserve available rooms, filtering by date, capacity and other
12 Campus Spaces Students are Booking Through Room Reservations
selected. Filter rooms by the number of attendees you're expecting or other criteria to see only the
Friday June 28th Updates
student a certain amount of time to purchase his/her tickets. We added more attendees filtering
10 Things to Do as a Group Officer
to use our search and filter features to quickly find a particular member. Members can sign up for
Le Moyne College: Centralizing Crucial Tools to Track, Assess and Increase Student Engagement
explore and filter events based on their preferences, RSVP to an event, or simply download an event
Assessing Learning Outcomes & Student Engagement on CampusGroups
download reports into Excel or build RSS feeds of data. Filter your RSS feed to pull only the data in
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