How to Ease the Organization of a Campus Election
Surveys & Forms
4 Ways Students Make the Most Out of the Survey Module
Surveys & Forms . It’s all up to them! They’re collecting mandatory information with distributed forms. When students
Gather Information from New Group Members with a Sign-Up Survey
Surveys & Forms
9 Innovative Ways to Promote Your Events: Beyond Banners and Sidewalk Chalk
Surveys & Forms
Most Popular Smart Widgets for Your Website!
Surveys & Forms . Files: Draw attention to important files you’d like to communicate with your club. Surveys & Forms
10 Things to Do as a Group Officer
, documents, links and polls to your posts. 6. Create a form or a survey Create and share forms or surveys under the “Forms” menu. Check out 4 popular ways officers are making the most out of Surveys, such as Surveys & Forms
Assessing Learning Outcomes & Student Engagement on CampusGroups
for your campus. Collect Insightful Data With Surveys & Forms Online surveys and forms are key assessment features. Besides the immediate positive impact of shifting from paper to electronic forms or forms. Requirements are automatically checked off when students complete them. Requirements can Surveys & Forms , campus-wide data. Forms can be connected to any module in CampusGroups, including events, group the powerful CampusGroups surveys and forms module, ask all kinds of questions and collect all types
Launch Your Own Campus-Branded Mobile App
Surveys & Forms student organizations and administrative departments. Surveys & Forms: Build custom surveys and forms
Simplified Event Approval
order to approve new events. Integrated Events and Forms order to approve new events. Integrated Events and Forms To offer an even more seamless event submission and approval process, we integrated our Events and Forms module so that the event approval form
Updates of the week
faster for Surveys & Forms Simplified the publish settings for the Useful Links Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Updates of the week
display for the Header/Topbar/Footer forms. Money: We fixed the Transaction Synchronization page (the page. Blog: We fixed the "create a new tag" option under the Blog page. Forms: We fixed the "Delete
Friday October 19 Updates
1) Surveys & Forms: Users can now print surveys and forms as PDF docs. 2) Calendar: Loading time
Updates of the week (April 13rd)
mechanism on public Contact Forms. Access to the statistics pages for clubs has now been restored on
Friday October 26 Updates
. 6) Uploading files to forms when not logged on is now possible. 7) Quick fix in the Group Activity
Friday November 2 Updates
appear on members' profiles as visible to all, visible to group members only or hidden. 6) Forms
Friday June 28th Updates
uploaded photos seamlessly. 5) Forms We released the new Forms module to all schools. A lot of , Forms, Website), which will allow users to upload in fewer clicks and also to select previously improvements have been made to the Forms Builder, to make it easier and faster to add/edit questions
Updates of the week
/login.aspx Bug fixes: Forms: we fixed a bug on the listing of newly submitted event requests Website
Friday February 8 Updates
redirects directly to his/her Profile. 6) Forms & Surveys: On the My Forms page we changed the Send a
Friday December 7 Updates
displayed in Ajax (Members, Events, Surveys/Forms), allowing faster navigation. All Ajax content
Engagement Checklists: Create a List of Requirements
forms. Requirements are automatically checked off for a student when completed. Requirements can be
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