What's New: More Flexibility to Categorize Users with School-wide Tagging
Group Membership Duration Options
Membership Group Membership Duration Options We have expanded membership duration options beyond academic year and semester. Now, two more
Gather Information from New Group Members with a Sign-Up Survey
Membership membership-options
Year-End Reports: Help Your Students Learn About Groups Before Registering
Help your students learn more about groups before registering Membership fees can add up Membership membership-options
Join the Club: How Groups Transform Your Campus Experience
Membership membership-options
10 Things to Do as a Group Officer
Membership , contact information, membership fees, and group sign up options by clicking on the "Settings" menu
Coalition Coworking Partners with Groupment to Launch Membership Organization App
features is now available outside of academia to connect and manage membership organizations, groups suite of features is now available outside of academia to connect and manage membership organizations Coalition Coworking Partners with Groupment to Launch Membership Organization App
Meet the New CONNECT Button
-to-date on new leadership roles; view peers’ RSVPs to events and new group memberships. Met someone
Are Your Future Business Partners Checking out Your CampusGroups Resume Right Now?
, new training completed, awards and accolades, new group and professional memberships. Highlight your well as your memberships to groups and participation at past and upcoming events. NEW! Synchronize
CampusGroups Integrates with Key Partners: SSO, LMS, CRM, Payments, Calendars, Recruiting & More
within CampusGroups for transactions such as event registrations, tickets, organization and membership display information about the students such as group memberships and events. Accordingly, if a
The Store
done for event tickets and group membership fees). If you have any questions about the new Store feature please contact our Support Team.
Friday November 2 Updates
of membership end are now displayed on membership cards. 5) Groups: Officers can now set groups to
Friday October 19 Updates
fees are now displayed even when the associated caption is empty. 6) Members: Membership end date can the upload process. Photos and Docs are now searchable in the search bar. 5) Groups: Membership
Updates of the week (Mar 23rd)
, membership, collected fees and event stats sorted by group", "Event registrations by group" and "Membership
Updates of the week (Feb 24th)
members, the "Edit" link in the "Membership" section does not appear anymore. Groups: On the list
Friday October 26 Updates
IE ajax caching. 4) If a student does not have a month of graduation set and the group membership
What's New: Budgeting Module Updates
online revenues from the PayPal accounts used for membership fees, you can now upload and manage
Customer Support - Success Stories (Feb 29th)
beneficial to you and your membership. We believe this platform shift has been both a positive change
Setting Up the Budgeting Tool on CampusGroups in a Few Steps
requested funds can be financed from other sources such as ticket revenues, membership fees, and
Open Doors for Student Involvement and Leadership: 5 Key Strategies
create and manage all your groups, officers and permissions, and to charge and collect membership
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