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Manage Your Team of Officers: Set-up Permissions + Access Rights
Privacy, Permissions & SSO privacy-settings Privacy and access rights in CampusGroups are one of the key capabilities which we developed from
Set Custom Privacy Settings for All Your Students
feature to allow administrators to set custom privacy settings for all their students. Maybe your Privacy, Permissions & SSO feature to allow administrators to set custom privacy settings for all their students. Set Custom Privacy Settings for All Your Students Managing students' privacy just got easier Student privacy is of the utmost importance to us and to
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Privacy, Permissions & SSO
Your new status bar
, Document, Link or Poll according to the type of post you want to make. By clicking on the "Privacy or change its visibility by clicking on the "Cog" button of the post and select either "Delete" or "Privacy".
Updates of the week (Feb 3rd)
on Internet Explorer, it's now white like on all other browsers. Privacy: On the Privacy/Access pop
Updates of the week
LinkedIn summary into CampusGroups as your profile bio. Privacy: "School community users only" privacy
Friday December 14 Updates
you are interested in. 3) Feed: We fixed a bug around Privacy, the author of a post can now manage the privacy settings of his/her posts. 4) Photos & Docs: We increased the maximum size of a document
What's New: More Flexibility to Categorize Users with School-wide Tagging
create as many user tags as you would like. Through a new privacy option, you can even restrict events
Time to update and manage your CG Profile: It's easy!
Corner of the Page. Click on "Privacy settings" just below the "Account" Tab. Click on the Checkboxes feed by clicking on the Privacy Button. My Tags Keep your Files in order using Tags. Each time you Items into your Education or your Work Experience. Manage Privacy Get a New Password: Click on the
Friday November 9 Updates
with privacy tag set to "Everyone" are now visible to all users even when not logged in. 3) Websites
Friday November 2 Updates
search bar in the Documents section has been removed. 3) Privacy Settings: Some users reported
Friday October 19 Updates
boards no matter the privacy. 8) Feed: School admins, group officers and the author of a post can now
Friday June 28th Updates
. We added a more visible "Privacy" link on student profiles. The privacy page allows any user to " section, and we improved the feed to allow users to post photos and to set privacy settings. We configure their privacy and notification settings, for their personal profile as well as for all the
Most Popular Smart Widgets for Your Website!
. All widgets can be set up in your website in no time, and you can add specific access privacy rules
Friday December 7 Updates
privacy set to "Everyone" even if all portal pages are behind login and you are not logged on
Thursday April 18 Updates
. 10) Notifications and Privacy Settings: We improved the messaging system between a user who /Privacy page by adding more privacy settings for groups and individual users (coming up March 29th
Friday November 30 Updates
improved to contain more text/details and be easier to read. Also, the Generic Privacy Messages
Calendar Module on CampusGroups: 10 Key Benefits for Your Campus
unique privacy settings and custom surveys and forms to collect information you would like to require
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