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represented. The topic of our conversation was the Surveys & Forms module, one of the largest and most complex surveys & forms.jpeg missed at the meeting? Click here to download a PDF covering the full discussion on Surveys & Forms
How to Ease the Organization of a Campus Election
Surveys & Forms surveys
4 Ways Student Leaders Make the Most Out of Survey & Forms
Surveys & Forms When it comes to decision-making, group leaders are utilizing surveys to collect information from Reach college students on campus with online surveys & forms. When it comes to decision-making , group leaders are utilizing surveys to collect information from campus communities. CampusGroups
Gather Information from New Group Members with a Sign-Up Survey
Surveys & Forms meaningful ways! Member profile extension survey Surveys are a great way to gather more information CampusGroups surveys enable groups to create a quick, unique sign-up process for their newest members. A Member profile extension survey Surveys are a great way to gather more information when students surveys surveys are a cost-effective way to collect information from group members that can be used in many
Most Popular Smart Widgets for Your Website!
Surveys & Forms . Files: Draw attention to important files you’d like to communicate with your club. Surveys & Forms
9 Innovative Ways to Promote Your Events: Beyond Banners and Sidewalk Chalk
Surveys & Forms next event with CG’s analytical tools. More on Surveys Connect + Cross-promote. Co-sponsor with
10 Things to Do as a Group Officer
Surveys & Forms under the “Forms” menu. Check out 4 popular ways officers are making the most out of Surveys, such as , documents, links and polls to your posts. 6. Create a form or a survey Create and share forms or surveys surveys
Assessing Learning Outcomes & Student Engagement on CampusGroups
student feedback with surveys & forms. Best Practices Through the powerful CampusGroups surveys and Surveys & Forms efficiently collect and analyze data. With online surveys, it's easy to centralize all information submitted by students into one single data repository. Leveraging surveys allows you to accurately information with streamlined campus engagement tools for SURVEYS & FORMS in CampusGroups. Collect Insightful Data With Surveys & Forms Online surveys and forms are key assessment features. Besides the
Launch Your Own Campus-Branded Mobile App
Surveys & Forms student organizations and administrative departments. Surveys & Forms: Build custom surveys and forms
Easily Deactivate & Reactivate Groups
deactivated, all events, members, emails, files, surveys, etc. will be archived and made unavailable for , emails, files, surveys, etc. will be archived and made unavailable for administrators or student officers
Updates of the week
of questions for surveys The top menu now displays well on IE Fixed a bug with "add a transaction faster for Surveys & Forms Simplified the publish settings for the Useful Links Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Student Elections
Elections are a key aspect of student leadership. Student groups can use the CampusGroups Surveys
The Store
merchandising. Inside the Surveys module, you can now create a new type of question called "Store
Friday October 19 Updates
1) Surveys & Forms: Users can now print surveys and forms as PDF docs. 2) Calendar: Loading time
Your new main bar
catch up on all your activities (emails received, surveys answered, events you rsvp'd...). Bookmarks You
Get To Know CampusGroups
trip or seeking insights into the student experience. Groups can use surveys to stay in touch with the Most of Surveys & Forms SURVEYS & FORMS Gather valuable student feedback and engagement data User Group discussion on best practices for utilizing Surveys & Forms: ASSESSMENT & REPORTS Your ! Surveys and forms are powerful tools for collecting information, whether you're preparing for a class
Friday November 2 Updates
& Surveys: Notifications when a survey/form has been completed are now sent by email even if the user is
Friday December 7 Updates
displayed in Ajax (Members, Events, Surveys/Forms), allowing faster navigation. All Ajax content
Calendar Module on CampusGroups: 10 Key Benefits for Your Campus
unique privacy settings and custom surveys and forms to collect information you would like to require
Open Doors for Student Involvement and Leadership: 5 Key Strategies
information about your members with surveys. Search and view lists of members (by account type and year of
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