Join the Club: How Groups Transform Your Campus Experience


Tailor your campus experience.

Get involved:  Clubs and organizations on campus provide invaluable opportunities for learning, networking and developing business skills. These groups open doors for future business partnerships, leadership and professional development. Initiating and participating in events allows students to experience a more robust academic and social experience that will follow them into their post-academic careers.

Get active:  What are student groups doing on your campus?

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Roundtables
  • Consulting engagements
  • Fundraisers
  • Tournaments
  • Trips
  • Social events & formals
  • Guest VIP speakers
  • Discussion panels & tons more!

Groups exploration made easy.  

CampusGroups’ enhanced, accessible design facilitates quick access to your groups and positions with useful information at first glance. Students are now one click away from activities empowered by a wide range of groups including not only student clubs, but also career departments, admissions and alumni.

You can explore and search for specific groups by name, group type and categories. Easily join one or several groups at once or contact group officers directly. Gaining access and engaging in new group activities has never been easier!

Mailing List Feature: Send Email to Targeted Members Straight from Your Personal Mailbox!

Some bits of news and information are only interesting and relevant to just a particular segment of your group, such as current members only, first year students or alumni.  Sending content to this smaller, targeted list of members means improved communication and better open rates.

Save your targeted list of recipients into a Mailing List

You can create a Mailing List out of a custom group you create. Previously, when you sent an email from CampusGroups, you had to select your targeted group of members manually each time.  To save time and help improve this process, we've created a Mailing List feature to allow you to save your selection of recipients.  If you select Full-Time Student (Second Year Only), this list will evolve automatically as new students join your groups. No need to add your new members manually!

We attribute one unique email address to each Mailing List

Each Mailing List receives its own dedicated email address, such as If you send an email to that address, it will forward that email to every single recipient associated with that mailing list.

A major benefit of this feature is that you can quickly send an email to specific members of your group without having to logon to CampusGroups. 

Set up is simple.  To quickly email a segment of your group:

  1. Click on members.
  2. Select multiple types of members (by account, year of graduation).
  3. Click on create mailing list.
  4. Name your new mailing list.
  5. You'll be given a dedicated mailing list email to use anytime.
  6. Send a quick note to all the members of your mailing list from your personal inbox. 

With a dedicated email for your mailing list, sending quick messages to all list members has never been easier, or faster!


Introducing the Inventory Feature: a Simple Way to Track Equipment

A simple way to track equipment

We’re excited to announce a new, simple way for group officers to track and manage their equipment.  Available on both web and mobile devices, the new inventory feature allows students to borrow items (such as a laptop, or an iPad) and check them back in when they're finished.  You never have to worry about remembering which student borrowed which item.

Search by bar codes or reference numbers

Once you’ve created all your inventory and added barcodes, you’re ready to lend!  When someone would like to borrow an item, open the CampusGroups mobile app, and just scan the barcode to be sent directly to the item page.  (No need to waste time looking through a long list of items for it.)  Alternatively, you can also enter a reference number for each item of your inventory, then search manually by name or reference: both work!

It’s easy.  On one screen, you can:

  1. add an inventory item

  2. edit it

  3. add a barcode to it

  4. check the item in

  5. check the item out

No extra devices needed

You don’t need any extra devices to use this feature; the scanner is already included. Just open the app, click the Inventory button, and start using it.  It’s that simple!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us as

What’s New: Track Students’ Mobile Logins

Easily differentiate between web logins and mobile logins with specific dedicated stats

As more and more students are using their mobile devices to log on to CampusGroups, we have created a dedicated graph for mobile logins under the Reports & Trends section.  Administrators can access specific stats to track students’ mobile logins (in addition to website logins).

This is a great way to check how often your students are using the mobile app!