Mobile Apps: Powerful New Updates of our iPhone and Android Apps

Maximize every opportunity

Bringing your campus with you on the go means not missing out on any opportunities going on around you. But that's just the beginning.

We are excited to announce powerful new features for the upcoming release of the third version of our iPhone and Android Apps. These apps have been revamped entirely to provide an unmatched mobile experience for campus administrators, group officers and students.

The new versions will include:

  • Home, News and Campus Feed
  • Activity Feed, Social Tab + Announcements
  • List of Groups + Join groups + Group Feed
  • List of Events + Filters
  • Event Page + Feed
  • Event Registrations + Tickets
  • List of all students and staff on campus, including their profiles, resumes and involvements. (Alumni can also be included!)
  • Chat allowing students to message anyone on campus, one-on-one or in groups, including features similar to WhatsApp and iMessage
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Wallet and Payments

Learn more about creating a dedicated mobile app for a multi-day event.

For more information on CampusGroups mobile apps, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a demo.

CampusGroups Integrates with Key Partners

Single Sign-On Authentication

Your students already have enough to remember. Enabling SSO authentication allows them to access all their campus information with a single username and password.

CampusGroups' login system can be integrated with a number of SSO authentication services so that active students, faculty and staff can log in to the platform using their school credentials for a simple, secure and consolidated experience.

Payment Gateways

Safely and securely process payments directly within CampusGroups for transactions such as event registrations, tickets, organization and membership fees, merchandise and more.

CampusGroups integrates with many payment gateways to accept credit cards worldwide:


Seizing the day is easier when you know what opportunities are happening on your campus. We want students to have every possible opportunity available to them.

To help students stay on top of events, meetings and all activities going on around them, CampusGroups enables users to export their events to external calendars.

You can subscribe to an ICS feed from your preferred calendar or synchronize CampusGroups ICS feeds with an iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

Learning Management System (LMS)

Unify student resources: CampusGroups' seamless integration provides one-click access to Blackboard, one of the largest Learning Management Systems in the higher education landscape. We are able to create widgets within Blackboard, pulling data from CampusGroups to display information about the students such as group memberships and events. Accordingly, if a student is part of 20 groups, we are able to display the 20 groups in Blackboard.

Room Reservations

Easily reserve the perfect place for your needs, when you create an event in CampusGroups. CampusGroups' Event Management System integrates seamlessly with the EMS Room Reservation system, allowing administrators and students to search for and reserve available rooms, filtering by date, capacity and other room features.

Campusgroups also offers its own powerful room reservation module that integrates even more seamlessly, allowing you to maintain one fully centralized system for everything! Please contact us for more info at


Career Management offices create and manage many events each year, from workshops to on-site career fairs and one-on-one advising sessions. CampusGroups integrates with a leader in MBA graduate recruiting, MBA Focus (now GradLeaders).

This integration allows Career Departments who use MBA Focus to automatically add events they have created to CampusGroups by simply checking a checkbox, preventing double-entries. Events also get updated in CampusGroups each time a change is made in MBA Focus, keeping everything perfectly in sync.

Even better, event registrations and attendance reported in CampusGroups can then be automatically uploaded back to MBA Focus for career staff, administrators and corporate partners to view.

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Thanks to the CampusGroups API, your data can be in sync with your central CRM system. One of the main uses of our API is to udpate student profiles in both directions, ensuring core data is collected and synchronized on both systems. 

  • When an update is made on your CRM, it is also made on Campusgroups.
  • When additional data is collected CampusGroups (such as uploaded resumes), is it pushed over to your CRM, enriching your overall user data.

Social Media

CampusGroups enables students to share their experiences to an expanded network by integrating with their favorite social media channels, and our LinkedIn integration allows students to download their resumes from LinkedIn into CampusGroups in just one click.

For more information on software integrations, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a demo.

What's New: Listings Update

More Filters & Multi-selection Filtering Options

Filtering students to target just the right people has become even more convenient! Fine tune your search by using multiple filters in order to create and download a precise list of specific officers (e.g., all groups' presidents and treasurers).

This is an efficient way to interact with students (e.g., send email, download reports, validate members) by combining different account types, year of graduation and other available filters.

For more information on Listings Updates or a walkthrough demo, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a demo.

School-wide User Tags Allow for Greater Classification and Targeting

School-wide user tags allow for greater classification and targeting of students beyond the scope of groups, giving administrators more flexibility to manage their students. Add custom designation tags to sort and categorize particular students, such as:

  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time
  • Veterans
  • Class of 2017

Create as many tags as you want and easily assign them to students with a simple spreadsheet. Once you tag a user, you can send them targeted emails or open specific events to just those people.

For more information on using school-wide user tags, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a demo. We are more than happy to demo this new feature for you!