Salute, Vino 2016! CampusGroups Launches Groupment Event App for Grand Italian Wine Week Conference

Vino 2016 Grand Tasting at New York Hilton Midtown Manhattan Hotel (New York CitY)

Vino 2016 Grand Tasting at New York Hilton Midtown Manhattan Hotel (New York CitY)

Italian Trade Commission partners with CampusGroups for VINO 2016

More than a few corks were popped as thousands celebrated Italian Wine Week in NYC, commencing on February 7, 2016. Italian wine producers, distributors, importers, experts, journalists, tastemakers and other industry professionals flocked to midtown Manhattan for VINO 2016, a leading 3-day wine event in the US presented by the Italian Trade Agency.

Currently in its 5th year, VINO facilitates a “yearly crossroad for trade, press and educators that ultimately strengthens trade relations and positively impacts both the US consumer and perception of Italian wine in America,” advises Maurizio Forte, Italian Trade Commissioner. Over 1,000 wine, spirits and craft beer labels were presented, and attendees, 2 days of Grand Tastings, a Meet & Greet Expo, 11 master classes, tastings, workshops and demonstrations, even a Superbowl party.

The CampusGroups team truly couldn't be more pleased to have been a part of such a fantastic event! To help organize this large-scale event, CampusGroups' Event Package feature allowed for many sub-events (sessions, panels, social events, etc.) to be grouped into a single multi-day event.

introducing groupment

For the first time, CampusGroups' powerful suite of features has become available outside of academia as Groupment, to connect and manage membership organizations, groups, networks of clubs, companies and large-scale events from with a private, secure and branded platform. The CampusGroups team is incredibly excited to share the launch of Groupment with our first non-campus institution, The Italian Trade Commission in New York.

VINO has evolved into the leading industry event in the United States. We have created a virtual yearly crossroad for trade, press and educators that ultimately strengthens trade relations and positively impacts both the US consumer and perception of Italian wine in America.
— Maurizio Forte, Italian Trade Commissioner

VINO 2016

As VINO 2016 approached its 5th edition of the leading Italian wine event in the U.S., the Italian Trade Commission focused leveraging seamless event technology to connect attendees with important resources, communication tools and access to all event information on the go.

The Groupment team started updating the web platform as Campusgroups had already developed its first iteration last year. As we were working on various projects with ITC, we realized we could also help them with the event registration, attendance-tracking and badges, as well as by providing them robust mobile applications. Additional team members were also involved in Vino preparations by being on site during the event.

Partnering with Groupment: Meeting VINO Needs

VINO 2016 event organizers needed to communicate and advertise the event by having an online presence and by running an email campaign. We were able to modify the website based on their needs, and to provide them with an email marketing tool to send beautiful, event-branded emails to their attendees, allowing them to register for events and easily access event ticket QR codes by email.

We also set up online registration so event organizers could gather needed data regarding the attendees (and sessions), which allowed the pre-printing of about 500 badges, speeding up in-person registration process.

Essential event features included:


VINO 2016's custom event platform offered attendees quick, streamlined access to panels, sessions, directories of speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, maps, event feed interactions and more.

Program of Events

Guests were able to browse all events and activities, see who registered, quickly RSVP and retrieve tickets on the go.

Event Mobile App

VINO attendees simply downloaded the free mobile app on iPhone or Android devices to enjoy quick access to all event resources as well as the live VINO news feed and photo sharing. Exhibitors, speakers, journalists, importers and other attendees easily browsed and connected with just the right people on the app's chat feature.

Exhibitor list

A categorized and searchable Exhibitor Directory including contact information and descriptions enabled attendees to access vendor information and contact exhibitors directly inside of the mobile app via the chat messaging system.

VINO 2016 app was able to provide attendees with various ways of learning and evaluating exhibitors they may wish to meet or contact directly.


VINO 2016 presented many wonderful guest speakers and presenters and offered attendees online access to a Speakers list and individual biographies. These VIPs were highlighted on the event website as well as on the mobile apps, so that everyone attending the event was able to access each speaker’s name, company, title, photo and background information.  Attendees could easily see a speaker’s event times and even contact speakers directly through the mobile app.

Social Media Integration

For easy access to more of VINO 2016's news and photos, Groupment offered seamless social media integration of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.

Attendee Resources

No one knows your attendees better than you. ITC customized the VINO 2016 app with just the right features to meet the unique needs of their guests. Program of events, custom lists of resources, directories, venue maps and more.


Event badges were printed by Groupment on a provided design, both before and on-site. All resources to print badges were provided: paper, plastic holders, printers, staff, cleaning of the data and categorization of attendees to print personalized badges for each attendee: one color per category. Exhibitors, speakers, journalists, ITC staff and other professionals were easy to spot thanks to unique color on their respective badges.

Attendance-Tracking & Reports

Scanning QR codes on attendee badges gathered insightful data instantly. ITC staff were able to access their data at any time, in real time. How many people attended Panel A? Which day or times was the Exhibitor presentation most popular?

With Groupment, event organizers were able to access dashboards and key metrics to help measure ROI of the event and individual panels and sessions.

After this year's highly successful Vino 2016 Conference, organizers were able to monitor mobile app activity as well as accurately analyze and measure program effectiveness, presenter assessment, event satisfaction, and much more:

For any questions or more details about starting your own non-campus Groupment event or organization, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

5 Different Ways to Track Attendance at Events!

Tracking attendance is a core feature CampusGroups offers to meet the unique identification and tracking needs of higher education institutions. Live attendance data is collected and uploaded to your CampusGroups account. View, monitor, analyze and access reports on your data in real time, at any time.

How are schools benefitting from this highly useful feature?

Administrators, faculty, staff and officers are maintaining a record of classroom attendance, controlling event access, measuring interest, boosting student engagement and monitoring campus activity (who has and has not participated in events). They're making a conference mandatory and ensuring there are attendees for a VIP Speaker event.

5 different ways to track attendance

1. Scanning QR codes

Students can easily access their tickets by email, and your event's unique QR code is embedded in the email.  Click on the "QR codes" icon and use the camera on your device to scan QR codes on tickets.

2. Manual check-in on your computer

No phone? No problem. Check in attendees online, directly from your laptop.

3. Manual check-in on your mobile phone

Scroll through the list of attendees, or search people by typing their names and clicking on the 'Check-In' icon. 

4. Card swiping with your phone

Swipe student ID cards to check them into the event! Transform your iPhone, Android or tablet into a portable attendance tracking tool with the CampusGroups mobile app. Plug your card reader into your phone, and you're ready to go!

Offline swipes can also be recorded on your iPhone. Learn More

5. Card swiping on your computer

Live attendance can also be tracked online using a simple USB Card Reader to swipe student ID cards.

Easy to setup

Transform your iPhone or Android device into a portable attendance tracking tool with the CampusGroups mobile app. Simply upload your list of students and their student ID numbers, and you're all set!

Attendance reports and feeds

We provide standard and custom reports which you can download at your convenience. You can also integrate our data feeds with other systems at your university.

It's secure

Student Card IDs can sometimes be considered as confidential information at your university. To ensure that these numbers are not communicated in plain-text over the Internet, we encrypt them straight on our app. We also store them encrypted in our database.

Interested in more information about our integrated Mobile Card Reader? Please contact our Support Team ( to implement this powerful and easy-to-use feature.

Project To Do Lists: Duplicate, Archive & Set Due Dates

Improved To Do Lists

Collaborating with your group projects is even easier with updated To Do Lists!

  • Duplicate a Task:  We added a duplicate button to make it easier to create repeated tasks you want to do every week or month.
  • Archive a Task:  Use this new button when you want to delete a task. The task will be automatically archived for your convenience.
  • Add Due Dates:  When you edit a task, you can add a due date in the 'Completion Deadline' field.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Le Moyne College: Centralizing Crucial Tools to Track, Assess and Increase Student Engagement


Le Moyne College is a Jesuit 4-year institution with 2,500 full-time undergraduate and graduate students, based in Syracuse, New York. 1,600 students live on campus, and 900 commute. The Campus Life & Activities department at Le Moyne have been using CampusGroups for six years.


Student engagement is at the core of the Office of Campus Life's mission at Le Moyne College. And it is well known that a higher campus engagement leads to greater overall retention. To ensure the highest level of student engagement possible, Campus Life needs the ability to:

  • Maximize participation in campus activities;
  • Identify students who are the most and least engaged in Campus Life activities;
  • Identify which student groups are the most and least active on campus; and
  • Offer easy ways for students and groups to send feedback, and set up meetings with Campus Life administrators.
A higher student engagement leads to greater retention overall.


Le Moyne's Campus Life organizes a large number of activities each week, providing a vibrant student experience on campus. To maximize the success of myriad events, opportunities and resources, enhancing and ensuring student awareness is crucial. Centralization of events, communications and resources is paramount to addressing these obstacles.

  1. One problem, though, is that students often say that they were not aware of some of the events organized on campus, events that they would have been interested in attending if they had known or been reminded.
  2. The second problem is that a lot of the student groups organize events which are not entered into a central calendar where students can browse all events.
  3. The third problem is that clubs communicate with their members via channels that are not centralized, thus Campus Life administrators can't oversee. This prevents them from identifying student groups who are not successfully engaging their members.
  4. Campus Life administrators constantly need to know which programs are the most and least successful from the point of view of students, but they do not have this data, or at best, have very minimal feedback.
  5. Students are not always aware that they are welcome to meet with a Campus Life administrator.
Students often decide to attend an event one to four hours before it starts.

The CampusGroups Solution in 10 points

1. Mobile App:  CampusGroups offers a dedicated Campus Mobile App in which all upcoming events can be found upon opening the app. The App is branded with the college's colors and logo, making it the go-to app when you become a student at Le Moyne. Students can explore and filter events based on their preferences, RSVP to an event, or simply download an event into their calendar (then show up at the event).

Sending reminders to students an hour or so before an event makes a big difference.
— John Haley, Director of Campus Life & Leadership

2. School-Branded Emails:  Event organizers can also reach out to students via email. School-branded emails can be written to all students or to a subset of them.

3. Push Notifications: Additionally, administrators can send push notifications to all students who have installed the mobile app. "Sending reminders to students an hour or so before an event makes a big difference," says John Haley, Director of Campus Life & Leadership at Le Moyne College. Students often decide to attend an event one to four hours before it starts.

Help make the entire campus more aware of great opportunities that the college offers.

4. Dashboard:  To help maximize the power of push notifications, Campus Life needs to maximize the number of installations. To achieve this, CampusGroups offers a dashboard which displays the percentage of installs campus-wide, and the number of active students weekly (students who have opened the app at least once a week). Administrators can then reach out to students who have not installed the app, to remind them of the benefits of it.

5. Activity Feed:  The Activity Feed is a great way to make the app even more successful among students. During events, event attendees can post & like comments and photos which will then appear in the feed. This helps make the entire campus more aware of great opportunities that the college offers.

6. Recognize leadership: To ensure that the feed is always active, event organizers and campus life administrators should systematically post when events happen, and also identify the students who are more likely to share with others. Awarding them for being more active on the app is a great and easy way to increase activity. This can be achieved thanks to CampusGroups' Badges and Leaderboard feature.

7. Track attendance: The CampusGroups Mobile app allows event organizers to track attendance at the door of events, allowing them to collect the data necessary to assess individual student engagement levels, group activity levels, and overall campus engagement levels.

There are three main ways to track attendance:

  1. Scan QR codes.
  2. Card-swiping on your computer, tablet or phone.
  3. Manual check-in on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Across all groups and events, CampusGroups allows administrators to know how many events one particular student attended. This leads to the ability to identify students who never or rarely come to events, and therefore could be categorized as not engaged on campus.

8. Identify the most active groups: Similarly, administrators can see how many events and emails were created by each group over the past 12 months. These statistics can help the Campus Life identify the most and least active student organizations.

9. Collect feedback: Tracking attendance gives you the ability to poll the students who actually attended your events. Once the attendance data is collected, CampusGroups can automatically send a Feedback Request to all students who attended the event. This gives event attendees an opportunity to rate an event and to write up comments, only for the event organizer(s) to see. About 40% of the students rate events on average, leading to a significant number of ratings and greater accuracy.

10. Facilitate one-on-one meetings. The Mentoring/Advising feature of CampusGroups allows Student Life departments to list advisors and tutors (including available meeting time slots) on the website and the mobile app. This helps maximize awareness among students, and allows them to book meetings with ease.


CampusGroups' end-to-end technology allows Le Moyne College to centralize the most crucial tools and information all in one place, for easy access by the entire campus community. The college can now track, assess and increase student engagement, leading to greater retention. Finally, data being at the center of all CampusGroups features, high-level strategic reports can be used to prove and illustrate the college's successful strategy.