Best Ways to Keep Up to Date on CampusGroups

One of the main goals of CampusGroups is for students to keep up to date about activities on campus. To make this objective a reality, we made the Home page of CampusGroups a News Feed dedicated to your campus.

Students can post, share photos and links, and add comments and likes to other students’ posts. In addition, student leaders can also talk about their events, share photos and blog posts.

This summer we introduced automated posts. This feature writes feed posts automatically based on a group’s activities:  newly appointed officers, newly created events, highly attended events, new members in a group, new blog posts, etc. This news will appear on the School Feed, on the Group Feed, and the Group Web Site. This is a great way to keep your members up to date with your group activities and also to keep your web site up to date at all times.

Finally, one of the most important aspects about keeping your news Feed up to date is that we have the same content posted on our iPhone and Android apps. Your members stay informed with the latest news on the go!

How to Ease the Organization of a Campus Election

A new school year means new officers are being elected for campus organizations, clubs and student government. Before that can happen, though, elections need to be organized. Daunting task, right?

Not anymore. Administrators and Officers are saving time and dramatically increasing voter turnouts by setting up elections through CampusGroups. The Survey module offers a secure way to facilitate the election process. Everything’s already in your toolkit to maximize student awareness and involvement.

Create a Ballot

The Survey module allows groups to list leadership positions along with a list of candidates for each position, each with an accompanying description and video link. All candidate information is in one accessible location. You set the rules: require login, ensure each student only votes once, make answers mandatory, disable editing of submitted answers and more.

Announce & Promote

Share your election and instructions with CampusGroups’ built-in communication tools such as your school homepage, top-of-the-page announcement, group news feed, newsletters and blog. Ask your candidates to post photos and videos on the group feed. Set up the election as an event, and it will be visible in everyone’s calendar. Remind your members to vote on election day with a campus-wide alert notification.

Click & Vote

Students vote from anywhere, even on the go with the iPhone or Android app. Check submissions in real-time, view detailed results and download into Excel. Send a friendly email reminder that targets just the students who have not yet voted.


Be sure to congratulate your new campus leaders! You may want to let them know about these features available to them as officers.

Have you organized an election through CampusGroups?  We hope you’ll share your experience with us.  We love to hear from you!

Want to learn more? Check out this quick tutorial on using CampusGroups for your election.


Manage Your Team of Officers: Set-up Permissions + Access Rights

Privacy and access rights in CampusGroups are one of the key capabilities which we developed from the ground up. Given the sometimes complex structure of groups’ leadership, we have allowed for very precise roles and permissions.

Your Staff

At the school administration level, each administrator can be assigned certain permissions on the platform. For example, the administrators of one college can be restricted to managing just the groups of their college. Further, an administrator of this college can be restricted to only manage Events within the college.

Your Students

Within the group, each officer of a group can manage certain areas of the group. For example, an officer could be in charge of just managing members but not allowed to send emails or to organize events. Another aspect we developed is student helpers; a student who works part-time at the Office of Student Life could have access to the Super Admin section with a reduced amount of permissions.

Allocate administrative permissions by clicking the Permissions button under Officers.

Meet the New CONNECT Button


Build your network + score your dream job

Have you noticed the new “Connect” button on the redesigned profile page? CampusGroups is making it easier for you to build your network and stay connected with your classmates, colleagues and alumni. Actively networking and maintaining memorable relationships with the people you meet at school is one of the keys to finding a job after graduation and taking charge of your career trajectory.

From “contact” to Connection!

Connections will allow users to be aware of their peers’ involvements and activities. See what badges they have just earned; keep up-to-date on new leadership roles; view peers’ RSVPs to events and new group memberships. Met someone interesting at a networking event?  Connect.

Consider the possibilities. Every one of your classmates is on CampusGroups; you might be one button click away from great opportunities.