5 Different Ways to Track Attendance at Events!

Tracking attendance is a core feature CampusGroups offers to meet the unique identification and tracking needs of higher education institutions. Live attendance data is collected and uploaded to your CampusGroups account. View, monitor, analyze and access reports on your data in real time, at any time.

How are schools benefitting from this highly useful feature?

Administrators, faculty, staff and officers are maintaining a record of classroom attendance, controlling event access, measuring interest, boosting student engagement and monitoring campus activity (who has and has not participated in events). They're making a conference mandatory and ensuring there are attendees for a VIP Speaker event.

5 different ways to track attendance:

  1. Scanning QR codes

  2. Manual check-in on your computer

  3. Manual check-in on your mobile phone

  4. Card swiping with your phone

  5. Card swiping on your computer

Easy to setup

Transform your iPhone or Android device into a portable attendance tracking tool with the CampusGroups mobile app. Simply upload your list of students and their student ID numbers, and you're all set!

Attendance reports and feeds

We provide standard and custom reports which you can download at your convenience. You can also integrate our data feeds with other systems at your university.

It's secure

Student Card IDs can sometimes be considered as confidential information at your university. To ensure that these numbers are not communicated in plain-text over the Internet, we encrypt them straight on our app. We also store them encrypted in our database.

Interested in more information about our integrated Mobile Card Reader? Please contact our Support Team (support@campusgroups.com) to implement this powerful and easy-to-use feature.