Friday November 9 Updates

1) Tags:
Users can now change tags colors at their convenience. Missing icons have been added.

Friday November 9 Updates

2) Documents:
Documents on a Website are searchable with the searchbox widget. Additionally documents with privacy tag set to "Everyone" are now visible to all users even when not logged in.

3) Websites:
The number of newsletters to be displayed on a group website can now be set by using the [CONTENT:NEWSLETTERS={limit:5}] widget. In addition, when displaying a side bar the main content is now displayed directly next to it.

4) Events:
An "Invite" button was added in the events lists.

Friday November 9 Updates

5) Feed:
Social top bar is now permanently displayed with the selected icon now highlighted in blue. We simplified the right column, only displaying your registrations. To see your Groups' Events you now have to go to My Events.

Friday November 9 Updates

6) Groups: 
The My Groups page now contains counters (number of members, posts and events). Also includes the Group Type and Category.

7) Profile:
Complete redesign of the My Profile page. We simplified the My Photos, My Documents and My Inbox pages.



- API security was improved by requiring an encrypted token for each call to our web services. 

- API documentation updated and published.