Improvements to our Waiting List feature

Today we brought a great improvement to our Event Registration process.

When an event goes into Waiting List mode, sometimes, remaining tickets are still available for sales.  This happens when the students who are on the Main List don't actually complete their payment online.

Thanks to today's improvement:  

  • The students who had started to register before the Waiting List activation will still be able to buy their tickets by just going back to the event registration page (in the past, they would only be offered to enter the Waiting List).
  • While allowing more tickets to be bought by these students, the registration cap will still be respected. 

10-22-2013 7-59-30 PM.png

In addition: 

  • When students start a registration, they have 15 minutes to complete it. If they ever lose access to the registration page and come back to it later, they are now offered to complete their initial registration thanks to a "Pay" button (only during the number of minutes that they have left).
  • We have improved the way attendees and ticket details are listed on the Manage Event page.
10-22-2013 4-35-08 PM.png

We hope this will be very useful!  Please let us know if you have any questions/feedback.


The CG Team