Manage Your Team of Officers: Set-up Permissions + Access Rights

Privacy and access rights in CampusGroups are one of the key capabilities which we developed from the ground up. Given the sometimes complex structure of groups’ leadership, we have allowed for very precise roles and permissions.

Your Staff

At the school administration level, each administrator can be assigned certain permissions on the platform. For example, the administrators of one college can be restricted to managing just the groups of their college. Further, an administrator of this college can be restricted to only manage Events within the college.

Your Students

Within the group, each officer of a group can manage certain areas of the group. For example, an officer could be in charge of just managing members but not allowed to send emails or to organize events. Another aspect we developed is student helpers; a student who works part-time at the Office of Student Life could have access to the Super Admin section with a reduced amount of permissions.

Allocate administrative permissions by clicking the Permissions button under Officers.