What's New: Budgeting Module Updates

Manage your accounting & budgeting process

The CampusGroups Budgeting Module helps to facilitate the entire budgeting process and allows multiple students and administrators to collaborate on a centralized system. You can set up a budget for the entire year, the semester, or maintain an ongoing budget and expense process that is supported as events are created during the year.

Check out some of the recent updates we have implemented to enhance the powerful Budgeting Module:

  • In addition to the online revenues from the PayPal accounts used for membership fees, you can now upload and manage external transactions into the platform.
  • Officers can create budgeting requests for events, and Administrators can approve, not approve or partially approve them.
  • Manage money through different years with carryover and group allocation.
  • Set up multiple phases for your budgeting process to make it easier to manage budget requests through the year.

Accounting Book Feature

To improve budgeting and group account processes, we added a powerful new Accounting Book feature to CampusGroups. This allows finance administrators to regularly upload via Excel template all completed transactions to CampusGroups. Students can see their accounting balance instantly and at anytime.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.