MBAT Tournament Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

We are so happy to collaborate with MBAT this year as the monumental MBA tournament celebrates its 25th year of sporting competitions and festivities!  MBAT provides an amazing opportunity for us to adapt our technology in a huge event of 1,700 people who will be spending 3 days at HEC Paris and using CampusGroups to register, check their tournament schedules, add money to their accounts, and use their QR code bracelets to purchase food and drinks during the tournament.

Scanning technology in action!

Scanning technology in action!

Event Packages for large events

To help organize this large-scale event, CampusGroups' Event Package feature allowed MBAT organizers to create multiple events grouped into a single multi-day event. On the web and mobile apps, the package appears as a single event. Upon opening, the event includes an agenda (listing sub-events such as panels, sessions and parties), a list of speakers, sponsors, maps and more.

Launching an MBAT-branded mobile app

We are excited to have created dedicated iPhone and Android apps just for HEC MBAT! We look forward to developing more dedicated apps for other major events in the education industry. 

London Business School's Futbol Team, post-game

London Business School's Futbol Team, post-game

Large events such as orientations, conferences, competitions and graduations can benefit from all CampusGroups features within a highly customizable event-branded app. With consistent branding, colors and logo, a dedicated app truly stands out in the app store so it's easy for attendees to find and adopt quickly.

Read about this amazing event on MBAOnly's interview with Daniel Connell, President of MBAT 2015.

For more information on multi-day event packages and dedicated event mobile apps, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a demo.