Job Postings: Connect Students with Professional Opportunities

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.
— Chris Grosser

Advertise jobs on campus

Career Departments and student organizations can now advertise jobs among students and members. The feature allows group leaders to create jobs or to upload a job description in one click.

Students can then:

  • Browse available job postings.

  • Search jobs by any criteria.

  • Display the job details.

  • Click on the Apply button.

The Apply button can be configured to lead to a specific recruiter page or to a job form in CampusGroups.

The CampusGroups job board feature helps career departments and student organizations publicize their job opportunities on CampusGroups in a highly visible way. 

Simple job posting, search and application

Recruiters can be given access to CampusGroups and can create a dedicated group to post one or multiple jobs on the campus job board. Recruiters can also collect applications from students.  An email notification can be sent to the recruiter to alert them that a student applied for the posted job.

The job board feature in CampusGroups helps Career Departments and Student Organizations publicize their job opportunities straight on CampusGoups in a highly visible way.

For more information on CampusGroups' job board feature, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a demo.