Guide Students Through Intentional Involvement Pathways with CampusGroups Co-Curricular Tracks

Guide students through co-curricular involvement pathways with CampusGroups Tracks.

Track progress toward goals with co-curricular tracks

Create guided pathways to promote student success!

Guide students along an intentional path toward goals, competencies, and established learning outcomes by leading them through co-curricular involvement tracks. CampusGroups Tracks display clear & transparent program expectations and progress, connecting students to enriching outside-the-classroom experiences to earn credit for the requirements you set for them.

Comprehensive involvement data allows administrators to showcase the student experience in meaningful ways.


1. Create co-curricular tracks for your students

Clearly communicate program expectations, set a guided series of requirements and offer flexible choices for students to fulfill outside-the-classroom goals.

Guided Tracks help ensure students take advantage of experiential learning and co-curricular opportunities before graduation.

2) Measure & organize learning experiences

Easily track and view progress toward learning outcome objectives through automated event attendance tracking, organization participation, leadership roles, reflections & assessments.

3) Empower students to discover opportunities

Offer a structured and visible way for students to identify valuable involvement activities to fulfill Track requirements.

4) Give students a clear picture of progression and growth

View progress at a glance! As students participate in outside the classroom experiences and complete goals, credit is automatically applied toward completion of the Track.

5) Apply achievements to co-curricular transcripts

Document, measure learning/reflections, & highlight student accomplishments to complement an academic transcript or résumé to showcase involvements, awards, leadership, service experience & more.

6) Gather useful insights for program optimization and ongoing improvement

Collect, organize and analyze data about students’ experiences in tracks to see which events and experiences are most appealing and successful.

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