Happy New Year from CampusGroups!

Happy New Year from CampusGroups!
Hi everyone!

It is an honor for me to start this new year leading the CampusGroups initiative.  I am very proud of what our team has accomplished in 2011 and I look forward to a new year serving students, school administrators and groups.

Below I would like to reflect back on our achievements for 2011:

  • First, we added a number of amazing MBA programs to our list of business schools including: Columbia University, Cornell University (Johnson), George Washington University, University of South California (Marshall), University of Notre Dame (Mendoza), Carnegie Mellon (Tepper).

  • We also continued our international expansion with the implementations of CG at ESADE MBA (Spain) and UST MBA (Hong Kong).

  • We started to work with a few more undergraduate colleges such as UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and LeMoyne College.  And for the first time, a business school  (UC Berkeley Haas) is going to implement CampusGroups as an Alumni Networking platform.
  • This year, we spent quite some time increasing the number of features to make CampusGroups even more powerful and useful for students and administrators. We have started a new blog on which we will be posting weekly updates on the evolution of the platform: campusgroups.  Please don't hesitate to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well. Thanks!

  • The traffic on CampusGroups has grown at most of our schools.  We consider "event registrations" to be a great proxy to the level of usage of the platform.  Here below are 2 graphs with the number of RSVPs at NYU Stern and Kellogg (with a population of about 2000 students each), each color being an acamedic year.

In the third graph, we show that at Cardiff University (our largest implementation in the UK) the number of events posted on the calendar grew again this year and topped 662 events in October (it is hard to find any university in the UK with that many student-run events in a month!).
  • Our team is growing too! And we are hiring . We have 2 locations, one in New York and one in beautiful Paris.  Here are a few faces you will see on your school feeds and on our blog again this year:
  • While we saw some very exciting growth at CampusGroups, we also had to deal with a few challenges this year, principaly due to increasing traffic and number of features to maintain. I am talking about these challenges and what we did to resolve them in this post. Our priority is to provide an easy-to-use and fast platform for our users, so we are going to concentrate on these objectives more than ever in 2012.

In 2011, we definitely grew and felt a lot of traction from new schools. We were very excited to hear all your feedback on how CampusGroups is answering your needs.  In 2012, we will keep on working on building a great product and resolving issues that bother you the most.  Our goal is to become a leading Enterprise SaaS Community Platform for universities globally.

Thank you and see you all in 2012!

Yorick & CG Team