Are Your Future Business Partners Checking out Your CampusGroups Resume Right Now?

Clarity is key when it comes to showing off your experience

With a contemporary new design, your CampusGroups profile gives a comprehensive view of who you are to classmates, alumni, new contacts and potential business colleagues -- myriad potential networking connections. The beauty of CampusGroups’ professionally-presented profiles is that they offer people an instant opportunity to connect with individuals when they see someone who stands out:  you.

These relationships make a world of difference when it comes to pursuing career paths.

Showcase your accomplishments

You can now bring in your resume directly from LinkedIn or update it straight on CampusGroups. This is a great way to share with your campus and recruiters. You and your campus will be able to keep track of your network as well as your memberships to groups and participation at past and upcoming events.  

NEW! Synchronize your LinkedIn profile everyday, automatically

When you synchronize your CampusGroups resume with your LinkedIn profile, you now have the option to set up automatic updates to keep your resume as current as possible.  Your resume will be updated automatically every night. (You also have the option to opt-out from automated updates by checking the checkbox next to your LinkedIn Connect button.)

Beautiful formatting is taken care of for you

Quickly update your resume at any time with achievements, new training completed, awards and accolades, new group and professional memberships. Highlight your enthusiasm, motivation, dedication and involvement in your field. Your next crucial connection might be checking out your profile at any moment!

Knowing who works for which companies can help build alumni and student relationships, a strong campus network and facilitate timely career opportunities.

Interested in learning more? Please do not hesitate to contact us or set up a demo. We'd love to hear from you!