iPhone and Android Apps now available for download

After 6 months of development, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Android App! 

CampusGroups now offers native apps for both iPhone/iPad and for Android phones.

CampusGroups iPhone and Android Apps

CampusGroups iPhone and Android Apps

With the CampusGroups App, students and administrators can:

  • Browse their list of groups and see the most recent updates
  • Join more groups
  • Check all ongoing and upcoming events on campus
  • Register to events and buy tickets on the go
  • Post updates and photos on the school and group feeds
  • Search people, events, groups 


Additionally, group officers can: 

  • Check-in attendees at the door of an event, with simple name lookup, or via QR code scanning

We are constantly working on our apps and pushing updates monthly.   We look forward to your feedback!