Friday December 14 Updates

1) Events:
We improved our Event Upload feature.  For the school who  use our Room Reservation system, we now allow you to create room  reservations while uploading events via our Excel template. Only pending approvals are now listed on the "Approve Events" page. 

2) Money:
The  transaction downloads now allows you to select a 'Start' and 'End' dates  for you to download exactly the transactions you are interested in.

3) Feed:
We fixed a bug around Privacy, the author of a post can now manage the privacy settings of his/her posts.

4) Photos & Docs:
We increased the maximum size of a document/photo upload under the "Upload documents" to 50 Mb.

5) Website:
We improved the "Create a new menu item" and "Create a  new Web page" buttons as well as the design of the "Send" button on the  "Contact Us" form.

6) Discussion Board:
We fixed a bug, you can now create new topics for the school-wide discussion board.

7) NYU Stern SWIB:
In collaboration with NYU Stern's SWIB Club  officers, we revamped and helped launch the SWIB Conference's 2013 official  site on CampusGroups.

Friday December 14 Updates

8) HEC Paris:
In collaboration with HEC  Paris's MBA Council, we designed the upcoming CampusGroups portal which will be used by the incoming students in Spring.

Friday December 14 Updates