Friday November 16 Updates

1) Navigation: 
We changed the layout of the Settings menu under Manage Group. The school administrator Control Panel is now separated for the group settings options, and located to the right (in red). It is now easier to access and click for school administrators.
Inline image 2Also, the Bookmarks button (little star on the right of the search box) was moved under My Profile and the Notifications button was made larger with "Notifications" written in order to make it more visible, like we did with the Manage button previously.

2) Media:

We reverted the feature which allows adding multiple tags to photos and documents. Moreover, if a user deletes all of a document's or photo's tags, default assigned tag will be "Unpublished". In addition, after clicking on the name of a tag (under My profile > My Documents, or Media > Docs), it is now possible to edit a document's tags from the popup. Once the popup is closed the list of tags is now refreshed to display any recent updates.

Friday November 16 Updates

Finally the "Photos/Docs" dropdown's design was improved.

3) Website:

Unless granted permission under Settings > officers, officers will not be able to manage group website. Also, we fixed the website's "Colors & Graphics" section.

4) Events:
We fixed a bug where picked timeslots appeared twice in RSVP email confirmations. Additionally, from now on if an officer is not allowed to manage events, he/she cannot delete them anymore.

5) Group Emails:

Under sent emails, the "Not verified" Button enables to display recipients who have not read the email. A signature has to be included at the end of the sent email for this feature to be enabled.

6) Money:

Zero dollar transactions can now be included when downloading the excel report of a club's transactions.