Friday November 30 Updates

1) Login: 
When a CG instance is behind login, we still want some pages to be accessible, like the Login page or the Reset Password page. This past week we added the Survey/Form page to this list.

2) Events: 
On the event creation page we modified the "Save" button into "Create Event", because an event is created and visible on the calendar as soon as the button is hit. We also fixed the re-ordering of the Registrations Options. Moreover, when starting a new event registration without being logged on, a user used to see an empty Order Summary just after logging on successfully. We fixed this. Lastly, the timeslot issue for the duplicated events has been fixed. The same timeslot should now be displayed on the "Edit Event" page and on the "RSVP" page.

3) My Profile: 
We improved each page's look and feel, keeping the same display for each type of content (title - borders - buttons). 

4) Navigation: 
The left menu has been improved thanks to the addition of Javascript. Pages are now being called in Ajax in order to speed up loading time. Additionally, the loading message has been improved to contain more text/details and be easier to read.  Also, the Generic Privacy Messages (example: "This page can only be accessed by Group Members"), have been improved to better match the context in which they were displayed. Finally, we changed the search and status boxes default values and behaviors.

5) Notifications: 
We fixed some display issues on the comment boxes of the Notifications page.

6) Discussion Board: 
We fixed a display issue (i.e. We added poster info back to the right), and we improved this widget's loading time.

7) Tags: 
We made the Tags look more similar across all pages.

8) Stats:
We are now tracking Google Analytics hits on ajax calls. Also, a small bug encountered when accessing school statistics has been fixed.

9) Security:
We ran an audit on our Web pages and have added security to a number of pages.