Friday October 19 Updates

1) Surveys & Forms: 
Users can now print surveys and forms as PDF docs.

2) Calendar:
Loading time was improved. Users can now see and access  their calendar page 5 times faster. Additionally the iCal link is now  accessible when viewing events lists.

3) Websites:
Bug fix on the Website slideshow (all photos will not be displayed correctly).

4) Photos & Docs:
Photos are now directly resized during the  upload process. Photos and Docs are now searchable in the search bar.

5) Groups:
Membership fees are now displayed even when the associated caption is empty.

6) Members:
Membership end date can now be set to "End at graduation" so that it actually ends on the month and year the student graduates. Also users added with the "Add multiple  members" link are now automatically verified. No more email  verification necessary.

7) Discussion Board:
Bug fix, officers can now manage all discussion boards no matter the privacy.

8) Feed:
School admins, group officers and the author of a post can now delete posts from the feed.

9) Design:
A new school/group feed post box provides a more uniform look and feel as shown on our blog: /campusgroups/new-feed-posting-icons