Optimizing your resources with CampusGroups

Schools can benefit significantly by using CampusGroups and it can help ensure that resources are allocated to the most active student organizations. Most of our schools, can now see the overall engagement by pulling their data summaries.

As many school budgets become tighter, in this global economy, students and administrators want to be certain that resources are used carefully across campus programming. Several of our schools use the rich data stored in CampusGroups to evaluate the effectiveness of their student organizations. 

CampusGroups records the actions students take as group officers & members, as well as, displays the level of activity on the school home pages (see below).  As a result, school administrators can see how organizations rank amongst each other through the course of the year.

Optimizing your resources with CampusGroups

Schools using CampusGroups, can take a more in depth look, by pulling detailed reports to see how subscribed student organizations are, as a way to determine funding for future activity. Some schools are even linking their internal processes, like club renewal, to the use of CampusGroups platform. 

Here is a look at the tools available for school administrators in determining level of engagement for their student organizations. Under the "Statistics" section, schools can track officer/member logins, events, emails, RSVP's as well as add graphs for year end reports on engagement.

Optimizing your resources with CampusGroups

To learn more about how to pull data from CampusGroups, please visit our Support Center article.

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