The new 'Manage' Button

As you may have already noticed as a CG Group Administrator, clicking on the 'Manage' Button now provides you with new Options! Here is a quick Overview of this recent Update.

Before you used to first click on 'Manage' and then select the Group of your Choice. We reversed the logic so that now you first need to choose a Group from 'My Groups' in the Left Menu and then click on the 'Manage' Button when you want to manage it. If you click right away on 'Manage' by default you will land on the last Group you managed during your prior Visit.

This change was based on a commonly observed Behavior among Users ie. the Majority of their Visits aims at managing the same few Groups and generally the last One they visited. 

Also the main Change here is the Manage Tool Bar that appears right after you click on 'Manage' with all the main Tools displayed and now just one Click away!

Feel free to consult this Article and many more in our Support Site for more FAQs and Insights. Happy Friday to you!