Engagement Checklists: Create a List of Requirements

Engagement Checklists: Create a list of requirements

Engagement Checklists: Create a list of requirements

Efficiently manage programs and initiatives with checklists

With CampusGroups, students and administrators know at all times whether they are satisfying mandatory requirements and meeting goals set forth. Student participation data is automatically pulled at optional and mandatory events, career fair attendance, advisor meetings, workshops, evaluations or any other tasks you would like to require.

Track your precise list of requirements, deliver evaluation tools for administrators to improve data collection and analysis, and generate insightful reports on student engagement. With CampusGroups' flexible checklist system, you can allow students to choose events and opportunities that meet both individual and program goals.

Key benefits:

  1. With CampusGroups, you can create a checklist of requirements to track achieved milestones.
  2. Allow your campus to set achievement levels. For example, in order for a student to reach a certain level, you can require (1) students to be a part of at least three groups of a certain type, (2) mandatory attendance at four workshops on a certain topic, (3) uploading of a certain number of documents or forms. Requirements are automatically checked off for a student when completed.
  3. Requirements can be broken down into multiple checklists, each being achievement levels and awards.
  4. CampusGroups saves hundreds of hours by automating the managements of the checklists. Requirements can be manually or programatically checked by analyzing involvement and participation data in CampusGroups.
  5. Checklists provide a fun way to gamify student engagement on your campus and to increase involvement at large.
  6. Reporting is a key feature of the checklists module as it allows you to quickly assess overall student engagement and the success of your programs.

See how the University of Wisconsin in Madison leveraged checklists to assess student engagement here.

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