Add Waivers to Event Registrations

Include a waiver with registration for your next event

Some events must require a waiver to be signed by students registering for the event. With CampusGroups, you can easily create and include a waiver to offer your attendees the ability to agree to any displayed terms you would like to include. This is very useful for certain events such as sports tournaments and travel excursions like spring break treks.

Waiver text includes terms and conditions for which attendees need to agree in order to complete registration for your event.

When you create a new event, you have the option to:

  • Select a default waiver provided by your school.
  • Create a new waiver by adding your own custom text.

Your waiver text will be auto-populated on the event registration page. You can make it mandatory for attendees to agree to your waiver in order to complete registration.

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