Improve Campus Communication with CampusGroups Chat Feature

Connect students with one-to-one and group messaging

Charlotte (a senior) and her team of student orientation leaders are planning a big welcome event for incoming freshmen, and they need an efficient way to get organized, collaborate, communicate and delegate tasks.

Evan (a sophomore) has just transferred and is eager to browse the campus directory and connect with some of his new classmates before classes start.

Sophie (a freshman) is curious about joining the Outdoors Club and would like to contact the club president but doesn't know her phone number or email.

And Jacky (a 2nd year MBA student) is ready to start organizing the European Business Club's London trip, but she needs a better way to quickly get in touch with her fellow club officers (who sometimes miss her emails, even when she marks them URGENT).

The good news for all of them is that the #1 student communication tool is already in their classmates' pockets, and CampusGroups Chat feature allows them to:

  • Chat with anyone on campus;
  • Create group discussions; and
  • Receive important notifications on the go.

Boost campus communication at large

The CampusGroups Chat feature is a central hub for all communications on CampusGroups. For example, if you are an event organizer, and you receive a message from an attendee, you receive it in the Chat (instead of clogging up your email inbox).

No missed messages

What if you are not on CampusGroups for a few hours and someone sends you a message on your Chat? We've got you covered. CampusGroups sends you a digest of all your missed messages by email, allowing you to easily respond in just one click.

Browse classmates and easily connect

Start chatting with anyone on campus directly from the People Directory.

Start chatting with anyone on campus directly from the People Directory.

When you start school and don't yet know all your classmates and administrators, you can already find anyone on campus and start a conversation with them via the CampusGroups Chat feature! No need to become friends on Facebook or to exchange phone numbers (e.g., WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.)

You can also create a Group Chat, which is very useful during projects, meetings and events.

Chat anywhere

Whether you're on the go or strapped to a desk, you can access your Chats both from the CampusGroups Mobile App or from the CampusGroups Web Platform.

Collaborative tools for club leaders

When you become an officer of a group, more capabilities are offered to you:

1) When you create an event and add other users to your organizing team, you can create an Activity Chat Stream, which will allow you to discuss plans and tasks with other organizers.

Additionally, you automatically receive any notifications that pertain to your event, such as:

  • Someone registered
  • Someone canceled
  • Your event changed location
  • You received a message from an attendee

2) When you send a mass email to your group members, you can create an Activity Chat Stream which will notify you of all opens & clicks in your email.

These two streams allow you to stay on top of your events and emails without having to log on your computer.

Welcome new users automatically

When you create a Mobile App for your campus or an event, you can create an automated chat message which will be sent to anyone who becomes a new user of the app. This is an amazing way, for example, to welcome new students to your Orientation Event App with a personal message to which users can respond directly.

Additional key features include:

  • Upload photos and files
  • Search within all your past chat messages

Interested in learning more about the CampusGroups Chat feature? Please do not hesitate to contact us or set up a demo!