Customer Support - Success Stories (Dec 10)

  • "Awesome! Thanks so much. Have a good weekend!" - Andrea, NOVA Conference, after publishing the new 2012 NOVA Conference website.
  • "Awesome. This is incredibly important." - Olaino, Wharton Business School, after performing extensive verification on sensitive user data.
  • "Good feedback already! Thanks again. Brenda" - Brenda, NYU Stern, after quickly serving a request for room info addition in calendar downloads.
  • "It's awesome. Thank you so much. Have a great day! Best." - Philip, NYU Stern, after merging duplicate user accounts.
  • "Thank you so much! " - Ann, Columbia Business School, after completing a request to update 115 student clubs settings.
  • "Hi, it's working fine now. Thanks a lot for your help. Best." - Christian, Michigan Ross, after helping him retrieve his account info to log back in.
  • "It was great meeting you. Thank you for your follow-up email and for ensuring that the tool is operating effectively.../... We look forward to partnering with you and appreciate the time you took today to meet with us. Best." - Allison, NYU Stern Office of Career Development, after a productive meeting on a dedicated career assessment tool designed by CampusGroups.