Friday December 7 Updates

1) Events:
A  new unified display for My Registrations and My Events was pushed.  Events listing and event details now have a unified look. Registration  options can now be changed on the event details page. You can also see  the number of "Likes" and "Comments".

Friday December 7 Updates
Waiting List management is currently being tested and will go live with  all schools next Saturday. More changes are coming up (soon to be  announced).
Friday December 7 Updates
2) My Profile:
You can now select your profile picture from your Photo Tags in a few clicks and also crop it if you want.

3) Officers:
You can now download all the officers (active or not) in the Control Panel.

4) Tags:
We fixed the display of Photo Tags, they were showing on top of each other during last week. 

5) Revision History:
We have created a new generic History link,  which can be placed next to any data field under the Manage section of  your group. A click on the History link will allow you to see the  history of revisions for any given data, including who changed the data  and when. 

6) Navigation:
"Create Event" and "Compose" buttons have been added  to the dashboard to make it faster/easier for you to create content for  your group. More Manage menus are now displayed in Ajax (Members,  Events, Surveys/Forms), allowing faster navigation. All Ajax content  loadings now render with a smooth fade-in effect. 

7) Members:
The "Notify each new member by email" checkbox in the "Add multiple members" feature has been fixed. 

8) Group:
We fixed the "Access" link in the group "Settings" part for the admin clubs. 

9) Blog:
You can now access a blog post with privacy set to  "Everyone" even if all portal pages are behind login and you are not  logged on CampusGroups. 

10) Budgeting:
History links were added for Treasurer comments, approval status and amount.