Friday February 8 Updates

1) Events:
  • We introduced the possibility of collecting donations when creating registration options.
  • We added a notification telling you, as you create or edit an event, when the event conflicts with another one on the calendar.
  • We included a Member Lookup box to make it easier to add attendees.
  • The "Event Topic" field on the "Edit Event" page is now displayed only when the school has added "Event Topic" tags.
  • Bug fix: if you create a custom reminder message, it will now appear in the event reminder email instead.
Friday February 8 Updates

2) Members:
  • When a club requires people to sign a waiver, officers can now filter members to only display the members who signed or didn't sign the waiver.
  • To improve the page loading time, when managing group members, you now have to use the "Assign Tag" button to assign a tag.

3) Profile:

  • All action buttons are now blue. Back button was updated to match CG's identity.
Friday February 8 Updates
  • After clicking on the "Make this my profile photo" or "Make this my cover photo" buttons, the button becomes inactive and a loading message shows up.
  • Bug fix: clicking the "Make this my profile photo" button now properly selects the photo currently displayed.

4) Tags:
  • You can now filter events, emails, members by selecting a Tag.
  • Tagged elements can now be viewed in the "Tags" section.
  • We improved the dropdown to filter the elements by Tag.
  • We improved the "Edit Tags" design.

5) People:
  • You can now see "What's new in your favorites" thanks to red counters on the People page.
Friday February 8 Updates
  • Two different views - grid or list - are now available to display people. You can set your favorites in the "list" mode while your Class is in grid mode, and vice versa.
  • People's names are now displayed on top of the photos of the grid view.
  • We created a more explicit "Favorite" button, to favorite People with the popup for instance.
  • We redesigned the popup so that it adjusts to the content and clicking on someone now redirects directly to his/her Profile.

6) Forms & Surveys:

  • On the My Forms page we changed the Send a Message link into a "Message" button to make it easier to use.
  • Answers are now displayed in the "Recent Activity" page, just for officers who are authorized to manage the survey.

7) Navigation and UI:

  • The UI of the "Favorites" section was improved.
  • We improved our Single Sign-On by fixing the redirection.
  • We created shortened links for the: Group Pages, Join Group Pages and Group Websites.
  • We are currently working on keeping the topbar fixed at the top of the page while scrolling.

8) API:

  • We added two new RSS feeds: list of groups and list of members for a group. Please contact us for more information.

Featured Schools: London Business School best club award

We thought we would share this great example of report built by the Student Association at London Business School, using data extracts from CampusGroups.

Have a great weekend everyone!