Friday March 1 Updates

1) Events:
  • The "Event Reminder" feature has been improved (under section 7 of the event form). You can now preview your reminder message and include mail merge fields.
  • We released the Waiting List feature and added a dedicated field in the attendees listing download.
  • You can now add a link to a form/survey in the Feedback Request emails which get sent a day after the event.
  • The new Donation feature can now be disabled by schools who do not allow donations. Please feel free to contact us for more details.
  • For a paid events, the RSVP confirmation email is not sent right away. It will be sent once the payment gateway has confirmed the success of the transaction to CampusGroups.
  • We have improved the Event Details page: we now display the pending registrations (people who have started to register but have not completed their registrations yet).
  • We changed some of the confirmation messages to make sure people would complete their registration
2) Rooms:  
  • We created a Room Reservation Web App that will be accessible in one click from the iPhone App or on Android and Windows Phone browsers. This will be released on March 15.
  • The header of the Rooms grid now remains visible even as you scroll down the grid.
  • When you mouse over a Room Reservation which is attached to an event, the event details will be displayed.
  • We improved our Room Reservations Conflicts page (this is only available to School Administrators).
Friday March 1 Updates

3) Admin:

  • We added a sub-categorization for all Group Types in order to differentiate student-run and admin-run groups.
  • We added the ability to create "Admin Only" officer positions available for admin groups only. This will allow some of the back-end tools (i.e. Budgeting Tool, Refunds, etc) to be restricted to certain users only.

  • School administrators can now add new users to the system from the Control panel as described here:
  • Friday March 1 Updates

    4) General:
    • When you manage a group, we now display the "Recently Visited" pages on the Dashboard to help admins/officers get back to where they often go in just a click.
    • We added a CampusGroups Features Feedback group and we will start adding "Feedback" links next to features to allow our users to post comments, feedback, suggestions or report potential bugs.
    5) Budgeting Tool:
    • We made improvements to the Budgeting Tool by adding Sub-Totals and Grand-Totals per Fund Source, Budget Item Type and also per Event.
    6) API:
    • We implemented a test URL for the event's RSS feed. Please feel free to contact us for more details.