Friday January 25 Updates

1) Events:

  • We improved the Registration Options layout to make the number of sold tickets more visible.
  • Officers can now add people as attendees and/or mark them as attended.
  • To  add new attendees to an event, you can now upload a list of users by  listing their email addresses in a text box. In order to prevent manual  creation of transactions you will have to pick a Registration Option but  will not be able to pick a "Paid" Registration Option. We are working  on a new way to enter Credits/Debits manually.
Friday January 25 Updates
  • In section 6 of the Event form, under "Where should this event be  displayed?", the "Logged on users only" option is now working properly.  Users need to be logged on to see these events on the school-wide  calendar.
  • The Sales End and Invite Only features have been reviewed and two small bug have been fixed.
  • A bug with the Waiting List feature has been fixed (options won't appear as "Sold Out").

  • 2) My Favorites:

    • Favorite emails, forms and selected payments can now be retrieved from the left menu under "My Favorites".
    Friday January 25 Updates
  • This section's design was adapted to match he rest of the My Profile pages.

  • 3) Officers:

    • We added a new "Add an officer" button to make it faster to add a new officer under "Settings".
    Friday January 25 Updates

    4) Emails:

    • When sending a new email, we added the ability to select "All  Current Members" or "All Non-Members" via two "Select All" checkboxes.

    5) Website:

    • We  re-implemented the Photos widget for your Website.  It is now  displaying a list of thumbnails based on the Photo Tag you specify in  the CONTENT tag, e.g. [CONTENT:PHOTO={tags:12345}].  You can find this  CONTENT tag under Settings > Tags by clicking on the small triangle  on a Photo Tag.
    • Some of the Website widgets were not loading properly and required multiple page refresh (F5). This was fixed.
    • We fixed alignment and widget widths.

    6) Feed:

    • We fixed the design issue of the "Delete" icon on long comments.
    • We added a "Read More" link to long posts. 
    • The design of the School Feed was improved slightly this week again.

    7) Media:

    • We improved the navigation between "Photos" and "Docs" in the "Media" part.

    8) Groups:

    • We added a "Message" button to the My Groups page.
    • Under Group settings the "Payment by check" option, which was not being used, was removed.

    9) Tags: 

    • Member tags have been fixed.

    10) Discussion Board:

    • We fixed a bug with the discussion board, which was displaying posts school-wide on some of the group pages.

    11) Navigation and UI:

    • New white buttons have replaced all of our gray buttons across the entire site.
    • We changed the confirmation messages to make them easier to read with larger and nicer icons. 
    • We moved icons to sprites to speed up page loading.

    12) Webservices:

    • Logging: we now log all the SQL requests done via the CreateUpdateUser API.