Updates of the week

Here are a few fixes and new improvements/features for the week.

Improvements & new features:

  • Emails: Great news! You can now choose the HTML editor you want to use to compose emails, edit Web pages and any other HTML content on CampusGroups.  Go to Edit Profile and look for "Switch HTML editor".
  • Emails: Email delivery is composed of 4 steps, we increased the speed of step 2 by a factor of 3.  We now have to work on Step 3, remain potential bottle neck when emails are large or contain many RSVP widgets.
  • Emails: We improved the Live Email Delivery Status page and now allow you to see how many emails were sent to our outgoing mail server live.
  • Events: We now archive deleted events (just in case they get deleted by mistake).
  • Navigation: We change the Group Management menu, the Home menu is now called "Dashboard".  The "School Admin" menu is now located on the right.
  • Navigation: Schools now have the ability to show/hide any of the default menus on top of CampusGroups.
  • Login: Schools now have the option to auto-create new user or not.
  • Discussion board: The discussion board is now visible to non-group members.
  • Rooms: You can now see the capacity of each room in the listing of rooms, no need to mouse over them anymore.
  • Money: New online transaction auditing/synchronization page now available for Finance school administrators.

Bug fixes:

  • Events: Some of the calendar ICS feeds were generated on the wrong time zone, we fixed that, and regenerated all ICS calendar feeds.
  • Login: The login page displayed "Invalid Password" a second time even after you successfully logged on. This is fixed.
  • RSS: The Event RSS feed contained deleted events (we now archive deleted events).This is fixed.
  • Groups: We fixed the "Email group officers" button on the Groups page, in some instances emails could not be sent to the groups.

Have a good week end!