Updates of the week

Here are the lastest improvements/features and a few fixes for this week.

Improvements & new features: 

  • Website: Great news! You can now create your own Website widget.
    Manage your group, go to Web site > Widgets > Create Widget.
  • Website: You can now order your Useful Links the way you want in your Useful Links widget.
  • Website: You can now tag your Useful Links and display a sub-set of Useful Links on one page and another sub-set on another page.
  • Website: We created a way for you to replace the default Website footer by your own footer and to include subsets of Useful Links.
  • Navigation: We added a Useful Links sub-menu under the Website menu.
  • API: We added "eventTopicIds" to the rss_events feed.
  • API: We created a rss_ groups feed.
  • Navigation: We re-ordered the left menus and placed to most used links on top.

Bug fixes: 

  • Photos: We fixed the "create a new tag" option under the Photos page.
  • Blog:  We fixed the "create a new tag" option under the Blog page.
  • Forms: We fixed the "Delete Question" button for questions with a label located above the textbox.
  • Navigation: We fixed the display for the Header/Topbar/Footer forms.
  • Money: We fixed the Transaction Synchronization page (the checkbox to set a given transaction to COMPLETE was not working properly).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!