Updates of the week (Jan 13th)

Here are the lastest improvements and a few fixes for this week.


  • Events: we adjusted the ICS cache-control header to allow Google Calendar to update calendar feeds more often (last test showed that Google refreshed within a few hours, which is not ideal still). A known issue with Google Calendar prevents external calendar feeds from updating when a change is made to one of the events (updates only occur once a day).
  • Performance: we merged several JavaScript files into one.  To reduce requests to the disk, we changed the way we check if a Website favicon is present, and we removed the web page background verification. 
  • Performance: we set up a new prototype with a new .NET business layer, and profiling bench
  • Performance: club logo and banner URLs are now saved in database to reduce requests to disk.               

Bug fixes:   

  • Officers: when an officer is deactivated, if a custom position was entered, it will be displayed next to the name of the officer.
  • Profile: officer positions are displayed on Student Profiles even when the officers are no longer active.
  • Website: it is now possible to add line breaks in the bio and role on the officer widget.

Have a great week end!