Updates of the week (April 13rd)

Here are new improvements to come and our progress made on different projects for this week:


  • Our new Mobile App graphic design was completed and next week, we will start skinning our beta app.
  • We are moving forward with our new school feed design and we also completed the design of our new widgets.

Bug fixes & new features:

  • We implemented a way to block certain user profile fields for a certain type of users while keeping them editable for other types of users.
  • We improved the Captcha mechanism on public Contact Forms.
  • Access to the statistics pages for clubs has now been restored on the Dashboard menu.
  • The new upload of group logos and banners was not working properly but it has been fixed this week.


  • This week, we continued to make progress on the migration of CampusGroups. This new version will be up and running at the end of May.

Thanks and have a great week end!!!