Updates of the week (April 2nd)

Here are new improvements to come and our progress of different projects for this week:


  • We worked on design improvements around events and RSVPs, our goal being to make it as easy as possible to RSVP and to see what events are coming up in your groups. We have very exciting changes coming up!

  • We are still working on our new photo slider and bringing more UI improvements.
  • Also, CampusGroups is working on an update to its current logo! Coming up soon!


  • This week, we completed a migration project. This is a very important architecture change which will be tested for the next 2 weeks. The result will have a very positive impact on the performance of the platform and will allow us to code even more effeciently.

Mobile App:

  • On our Mobile App, we made progress on the "Groups" module. We are now linking from the list of officers to the profile of each officer.
  • Also, we are now displaying photo albums in the "Photos" module for the logged on user.

Improvements & new features:

  • More small feature changes took place this week:
    • Parent/child group restrictions have been modified to allow child group events to RSVP non-members to events open to everyone (even if you are not a member of the parent group).
    • Various Google Chrome and IE diplays fixes

New website

Thanks and have a good week!!!