Updates of the week (Feb 17th)

Here are the new improvements and few bug fixes for this week (all these changes will be pushed to all servers next Friday).

Improvements & new features:

  • Photos: When you view your photos, it is now possible to navigate from one to another just by sliding the scrollbar and clicking on the preview photos of the bottom menu.    
Updates of the week (Feb 17th)
  • My inbox: The Emails display has changed. The blue background now takes all the space and turns to white when the email has been opened.  
  • My inbox: You can now delete an email from your mailbox, just by clicking on the cross on the top right of the email.  
  • Updates of the week (Feb 17th)
  • Support: In order to avoid any confusion, we have taken the additional "Email us" link from the Contact Us section of our Support Center.

  • Updates of the week (Feb 17th)

    Bug fixes:

    • Control Panel: When you download the events via the "All events" link, all events between the 2 dates selected are now in the excel file. We deleted the "Number of attendees" column in the excel file because it was not used.
    • Photos: When you view the untagged photos in the Photos Album space, you now see just the untagged photos not every photos (tagged and untagged) from your account.   
    • Emails: In the "Check live email delivery status" page, we deleted some test information which had been left there by mistake.   

    Thanks and have a great week end!!!