Updates of the week (Feb 3rd)

Here are few bug fixes and the lastest improvements for this week (all these changes will be pushed to all servers next friday).


  • My profile: We simplified the resume module.  To add a resume, go to "My profile", then click on "Edit Resume". You don't have to to upload a resume file on your profile anymore.
  • Website: Access rights of each Web page of your website are now easier to read and navigate.
  • Website: We added new confirmation messages to the website editor tool.

Bug fixes:

  • Photo: The display of the "upload photos" iframe has been fixed on IE.  There was a blue background on Internet Explorer, it's now white like on all other browsers.
Updates of the week (Feb 3rd)
  • Privacy: On the Privacy/Access pop-up, when an Account Type is too long, there is no display problem anymore.
  • Updates of the week (Feb 3rd)

    Thanks and have a great week end!