Updates of the week (Mar 16th)

Here are the new improvements to come and the progress of our different projects for this week:

Mobile App:

  • On our new Mobile App, we completed the school feed module and are now able to skin the application with the colors of CampusGroups.
  • The Mobile App will be available in beta end of April for a selected number of users across all schools.


  • This week, we have made some progress on the re-design of CampusGroups around our photos module, the navigation and the site-wide search box.
  • The school feed's design has been modified and is currently being implemented.
  • We also updated the new News Page (current Home page) with additional widgets.


  • On the performance improvement front, we found a few more slow queries which we fixed this week. We also tuned our mySQL server and continued to monitor slow pages.

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed the resizing of photos (when a user wants to include a photo in a new blog post).
  • We fixed a few bugs on the new photos slider.

Thanks and have a great week end!!!