Updates of the week (Mar 23rd)

Here are the new improvements to come and the progress of our different projects for this week:


  • School feed design is progressing with the implementation of a new Event Post including easy ways to RSVP and to download the event to your calendar.
  • We had our final stage of the new Home page ("News" page) design as well this week.

Improvements & new features:

  • We have a new RSS feed with the list of public events, additional data and filtering options (please contact our support if you need to use it!)
  • We also developed a new Score Card with 3 new statistic reports: "Group email, membership, collected fees and event stats sorted by group", "Event registrations by group" and "Membership and event stats by type of user".


  • We improved on the email delays alerts.
  • On the performance front, we are currently migrating our database to a larger server.

Mobile App:

  • We are now able to keep users logged on. Plus, we are progressing on the design of the news feed and we are displaying a splash page while the application is loading. Go live in beta is planned for end of April.


Thanks and have a great week end!!!