Gather Information from New Group Members with a Sign-Up Survey

Member profile extension survey

Surveys are a great way to gather more information when students join groups. You can create a survey to collect any additional information you'd like from your newly added members. The survey questions will be displayed to the students in the sign-up process just after they decide to join your group. 

Make it mandatory

Track who has and has not provided answers by making a survey mandatory. If students have yet to respond to the required questions, they will be prompted with automatic reminders when they visit your group page.

Different groups, different needs

Each group has different needs in the information they need to collect, and CampusGroups surveys enable groups to create a quick, unique sign-up process for their newest members.

A great advantage of this feature is that you can search your list of members by keywords contained in the profile extension survey! Filter members based on their answers to the survey questions. (For example, you might want to do a quick search to see which of your members have a driver's license.)