Meet Our Two New Web Developers, Adrien and Albert!

Welcome to the CG team!

The CampusGroups team is happy to introduce our talented new web developers.  Adrien is working in our San Francisco office, and Albert is at our NYC office.


Adrien has a Software Engineering Degree from Ecole Centrale Paris (France) and is completing his Master's Degree in Computer Science. He joined the team in order to develop and maintain the CampusGroups platform. He has previous experience as a full stack developer in both startup and large company environments.

  • Hometown:  Poitiers, a medium-sized town in the midwest of France
  • Random fact:  I am really curious and love to start new things, from any field you can imagine (philosophy, cooking, new sports...).
  • Adrien's groups on campus:  I was part of the basketball team.
I learned programming skills during my previous internships, and I aim to keep learning technical skills in order to master the solution stack.
— Adrien


Albert just completed an Engineering Degree in Computer Science from École Centrale Marseille in France. With 3 years' experience leading his school's IT association, he is now proficient in a large panel of skills: from web development to server and network administration to server-side programming. Albert joined the team in May 2015 and is now working on improving the CampusGroups platform in terms of features, performance and security.

Albert is also particularly interested in new technologies and entrepreneurship and makes sure to stay informed on those topics while honing his programming skills.

  • Hometown:  Pau, a small town in the southwest of France
  • Random fact:  I used to play the guitar but had to stop during my studies.
  • Albert's groups on campus:  President of IT group for a year